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Server info

The tiles@home website's source code is in subversion: sites/other/tilesAtHome_tahngo with documentation on what each file does.

See also the Server install guide


Changes being made to server

See Tiles@home/Server for an events log, planned changes, and work in progress


Not always follow priority

The current priority works when there are few pending requests. When the cue is long, its tempting to submit bulk requests as priority 1. You can see that this is quite common. To not penalize the people that requests priority 2, a fraction of the request the priority should be ignored. In other words, just get the request based on date.


$SQL .= "order by `priority`,`date` limit 1;";


if ( rand(0,4) ) { 
// if !0 - Get oldest request
$SQL .= "order by `date` limit 1;";
} else {
// if 0, get by priority, then by date 
$SQL .= "order by `priority`,`date` limit 1;";

The code above, ignores the priority in 1/5 of the requests. 4/5 of the requests will order by priority first.

I would like to see 1/2 to priority and 1/2 non-priority. 50% should be sufficient for user-requested refresh.

--Mikemenk 22:00, 10 September 2007 (BST)