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RFC Title Discssion Resolution
1 Username and password should be required for downloading requests. Do we want to disable anonymous access to the "download requests" page, and make it check the passwords list -
2 Login should be done via .htpasswd Instead of sending password as a POST and checking it in PHP, put all the "login-required" pages in one directory, and use http authentication. -
3 Tiles should be stored in filesystem Using a complicated directory structure to ensure no directory exceeds the filesystem limits, store the tiles on disk instead of in the database. Meta-info would still be in the db Implemented
4 Update notifications should be computer-readable Move the Tiles@home/Messages page into an RSS or ATOM feed (stored on SVN so that any developer can add messages). Contributors can subscribe to see changes that require their attention Implemented
5 Computers not capable of running bezier curves (AMD64/Gentoo?) should be prevented from uploading See mailing-list thread. The options are (a) to disable curves on machines which don't support it and accept their contributions anyway, (b) to disable curves completely on all renderers, or (c) to only accept uploads from computers capable of rendering curves. Identified as rounding bug and fixed in lines2curves.
6 Version names beginning with x_ should be reserved for experimental software The version naming system for official tiles@home clients is used to identify old clients, and unrecognised client names may at some point be disallowed. However, people will need to write new or experimental software that won't be assigned a version number in this way. Using x_ prefixes for these programs means that they can be tested without having to masquerade as one of the tiles@home releases to get uploads accepted. Implemented
7 Regional directory idea Group tiles so that everything for a particular region is stored in one directory -
8 It would be nice to specify "loop around this area" in tiles at home client ...that would mean I could direct my machine to preferably render tiles in Czech republic, so I make mapping country I care about easier in exchange for my CPU cycles. -
9 The angle-limit specified in lines2curves.pl should be bigger than 90° There are many cases where lines are transformed to curves where they are not supposed to be. Example: The left corner of the university-campus (TU-Braunschweig) should be sharp as shown in mapnik. When people map curved features they usually place more than one node resulting in angles far above 90° at nodes in curvy features. Therefore I suggest to increase the limit to 135°! I've absoluteley no idea about perl, but I think one just needs to change my $min_angle to 0.75 in lines2curves.pl -