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This page is for detailed discussion of running the tiles@home client. Please bookmark/watch this page, if you run the client. Please follow the tilesathome Mailing list and the RSS feed if you run the client.

This List provided for historical reasons only:

Software upgrades

Date Link Description Type Priority
2008-08-06 [1] The new client "Rapperswil" will break on clients that have "custom modifications" in any of their svn controlled files. All new and improved (and somewhat enforced) Auto-update, this needs a working subversion program ("svn" on linux) --Pjw1965 08:03, 9 August 2008 (UTC) Upgrade Install immediately
2008-05-27 [2] The new client "Quickborn" uses AppConfig for configuration handling. This allows for command-line overriding of config options Upgrade Install immediately
2008-02-20 [3] New client version "Poynton" -- Pjw1965 08:04, 9 March 2008 (UTC) Upgrade Install immediately
2007-11-09 [4] New client version "Newcastle" -- Pjw1965 08:04, 9 March 2008 (UTC) Upgrade Install immediately
2007-10-30 [5] New Client version "Mannheim" -- Pjw1965 08:04, 9 March 2008 (UTC) Upgrade Recommended
2007-10-08 [6] t at h turned back on *NEW CLIENT NAME/VERSION: Latrobe* -- Pjw1965 08:04, 9 March 2008 (UTC) Upgrade Recommended
2007-09-01 [7] Upgrade t@h to use Osmarender5. Lowzoom capabilities are included now, but not used by default. Client version is now 'Kingston' (16). Older clients will soon be deprecated -- spaetz Upgrade Install immediately
2007-06-14 [8] Workaround for inkscape internationalisation problem for linux clients -- Deelkar (talk) 19:37, 14 June 2007 (BST) Bugfix Recommended
2007-06-07 [9] Various rules file changes - mainly implementing David Earl's suggestions at z17. Also a few minor fixes that have been checked in over the last few days. 80n 01:07, 7 June 2007 (BST) Upgrade Recommended
2007-06-05 [10] Randomize upload failure delay to avoid load spikes on dev. Reduce maximum timeout to 3 hours --Deelkar (talk) 18:15, 5 June 2007 (BST) Upgrade Recommended
2007-05-29 [11] Various rules file changes. Refinement of z17, fixed tunnels zt z12 and z16, refactored styles, other minor stuff. 80n 01:13, 30 May 2007 (BST) Upgrade Recommended
2007-05-29 [12] [13] lowzoom works with blank tiles without 404s

tilesGen.pl: new option GatherBlankTiles. If a tileset is empty, and RenderFullSet = 0 , the blank tile is stored in the workdir, not in its tileset dir

Upgrade lowzoom: if used imediately

tilesgen: Recommendet

2007-05-25 [14] retain namespace definition so xsltproc will not complain anymore Bugfix Recommended
2007-05-24 [15] [16] lowzoom.pl: Generates 67/69 blank tiles for lower zoom levels. Note: As long as the server prefers files on disk before tiles from the blank table, the old tile on disk is shown, if there was any.

tilesGen.pl: Should finaly render sea as blue. --Damian 08:34, 24 May 2007 (BST) tilesGen.pl: Should finaly not render default layer transparent --Damian 22:23, 24 May 2007 (BST)

Upgrade Recommended
2007-05-22 [17] Make sure a slash is present between workdir and tileset directory names. --Deelkar (talk) 00:33, 23 May 2007 (BST) Workaround Recommended
2007-05-22 [18] [19] Maplint layer is now rendered with transparent background, and all non-error features removed. This means it can be overlayed over any other layer (mapnik, freemap etc.) using openlayers. Changed name of client to Inverness. -- Rjmunro Upgrade Install immediately
2007-05-21 [20] Fixed a bug. Coastlines are rendered again. Bugfix Install immediately
2007-05-21 [21] [22] Applied the patch from LA2 to upload whole tilesets. Install immediately to decrease load on dev server Upgrade Install immediately
2007-05-05 [23] [24] [25] Change emptysea.png to 69 byte version. Empty land/sea tile detection on server implemented. Client name change to Headingley to force upgrade, prior clients disabled on server, to prevent upload of 571 byte empty sea tiles. Change api call to 0.4 in tilesGen.pl when downloading data via API. Upgrade Install immediately
2007-05-03 [26] Disable maplint z17 until more diskspace is available on dev. --Deelkar Workaround Install immediately
2007-05-03 [27]loading Reduce maximum number of checked segments in frollo to 400 again, due to "possible endless recursion" error. --Deelkar Workaround Recommended
2007-05-03 [28] [29] Make the delay message in upload.pl visible, cap the upload delay at 6h. --Deelkar Enhancement Recommended
2007-05-03 [30] ff. cemetery backgrounds introduced in z14-15 as well, make rivers show up in residential areas in z17, make petrol stations a little smaller in z17, a)dash ferry routes b)make thicker in z12 (ticket 421) -- spaetz. Upgrade Recommended
2007-05-01 [31] [32] [33] Speeded up client by reusing existing empty tile detection for empty sea tiles, increase of upto 60% on coast tiles containing lots of water. Added config option to upload each layer as they are done, iso waiting till all layers for a tileset are done. Changed limit in Frollo2.xsl to 600, to fix rendering of complex coastal tiles. -- Dutch 21:45, 1 May 2007 (BST) Enhancements Recommended
2007-04-25 [34] Changed preprocessor sequence on default layer - now Frollo first, close-areas.pl second - as a workaround for a frollo bug breaking the rendering of coastline ways with more than 400 segments. Modified close-areas.pl to "emulate" frollo output. Rendering should now be correct even for complex coastline tiles; no change expected for other tiles. --Frederik Ramm 10:48, 26 April 2007 (BST) Workaround install immediately
2007-04-24 [35] [36] New lowzoom.pl uses t@h tile index file to simulate blue level-12 tiles even where none exists, giving nice blue oceans on levels 11 and smaller. Caveat: tile index is not complete for whole world but should work for Europe. --Frederik Ramm 23:22, 24 April 2007 (BST) Upgrade lowzoom.pl users only
2007-04-23 Tiles@home/Dev/Interim Coastline Support [37] [38] [39] Ocean tiles (and ocean areas on coastal tiles) now rendered blue provided that proper coastline data exists. --Frederik Ramm 21:52, 23 April 2007 (BST) Upgrade Install immediately
2007-04-18 [40] [41] put some functions to tahlib.pm, make upload a little more verbose without breaking the message flow. --Deelkar (talk) 17:32, 18 April 2007 (BST) Cosmetics Low Priority
2007-04-15 Tiles@home/Install Guide#svn move svn move from /utils/ to /applications/rendering/ Cosmetics Recommended
2007-04-14 [42] Revert bugs introduced by accidental commit in preparation for svn reorganization --Deelkar (talk) 12:16, 14 April 2007 (BST) Bugfix Recommended
2007-04-13 [43] Moved pngcrush routine up in process, to empty tile detection subroutine, No need to crush empty tiles. 10 % speed increase on test-tileset 2188,1280 compared to previous revision. --Dutch (talk) Dutch 18:00, 13 April 2007 (BST) Optimization Recommended
2007-04-13 [44] - [45] - [46] - [47] Integrated pngcrush in tilesGen.pl for an average spacesaving of 20+ % on tilesets generated. Worthwhile due to the added storage needed with the new layers - sxpert update of lowzoom.pl adding layers support--Dutch (talk) 07:19, 13 April 2007 (BST) Upgrade Recommended
2007-04-06 [48] Fixed division by zero in upload.pl when there were no tiles to upload --Deelkar (talk) 01:27, 11 April 2007 (BST) Bugfix Recommended
2007-04-06 [49] Adapt progress percentage for multilayer support (doesn't run past 100% anymore) --Deelkar (talk) 15:31, 6 April 2007 (BST) Bugfix Low priority
2007-04-04 [50] Multi-layer support. Layers controlled by layers.conf (currently built-in: default layer and maplint layer). Empty layers.conf emulates old behaviour. All layers rendered off the same downloaded data.
Memory consumption of tilesGen.pl may have increased for complex tiles as maplint demanded a more fine-tuned approach to merging of multiple stripes.
Version name bumped up to "Essen" even though there's no visible changes on the default layer - I felt the large number of changes merited that.
TODOs: Make community decisions on what maplint tests should be run and how they are supposed to be rendered. This version uses a rather strict set of tests. Tests are encoded in tests.xsl which is generated by a Makefile from within the original maplint distribution; the Makefile and the components from which tests.xsl is assembled are not included in tiles@home. --Frederik Ramm 22:32, 4 April 2007 (BST)
Upgrade Please test
2007-04-04 [51] minor tweak to z16 and z17 to show names on paths and cycleways -- Bathterror 13:36, 4 April 2007 (BST) Upgrade Recommended
2007-04-03 [52] Added two new convenience features: (a) tilesGen.pl will now keep track of idle versus working time and give you an overall idle percentage; (b) while in loop mode, tilesGen.pl now detects if a new version of tilesGen.pl has been installed and runs that, so you can update without having to interrupt the loop process. (Changes in all other files have always been effective from the moment they were installed, only changes in tilesGen.pl required a manual "Ctrl-C" and restart before.) Upgrade Low priority
2007-03-29 [53] Reduce max. number of segments ordered by frollo to 400 (per way, down from 800) to avoid "possible endless recursion" error message seen with some tiles. --Frederik Ramm 21:37, 29 March 2007 (BST) Workaround Recommended
2007-03-25 [54] Stop rendering when frollo fails, because current osmarender is dependent on frollo hints. --Deelkar (talk) 20:15, 25 March 2007 (BST) Workaround Install immediately
2007-03-24 [55] Make Frollo properly clean up tempfiles --Deelkar (talk) 22:50, 24 March 2007 (UTC) Bugfix Recommended
2007-03-19 [56] New Version: "Dublin"
Uses the Frollo pre-processor to sort segments within ways. Also latest version of Osmarender 4 and some minor style tweaks. -- 80n 23:08, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
Upgrade Install immediately
2007-03-08 [57] New Version: "Cambridge"
Empty tile detection completed to allow correct serverside handling, empty tiles are replaced by 67 byte PNGs --Deelkar (talk) 19:48, 8 March 2007 (UTC)
Upgrade Install immediately
2007-03-08 [58] Subtiles of emtpy tile-strips are no longer rendered. Configurable to allow update of empty tiles and rare situations where the considered area has data that is only rendered at higher zooms.
A strip always covers the entire width of the z12 tile area being processed.
Note: No empty-tile information is recorded for tiles skipped by this, so no change on the server occurs for these tiles. This might be unwanted for tiles that now contain fewer data than before (ferry routes moved to another place so the sea-tiles are now empty again while others now contain the ferry route)

Behaviour to always consider all tiles when rendering can be forced by a dev by setting RenderFullTileset=1 in general.conf --Deelkar (talk) 16:51, 8 March 2007 (UTC)

Enhancement Recommended
2007-03-08 [59] Empty tile detection added, empty tiles are no longer uploaded to the server --Deelkar (talk) 00:13, 8 March 2007 (UTC) Enhancement Recommended
2007-03-05 [60] Fine tuning of rules files -- 80n 23:30, 5 March 2007 (UTC) Rules file Recommended
2007-03-05 [61] Fixed bezier bug that caused large arcs to appear --Dotbaz 21:22, 5 March 2007 (UTC) Bugfix Install immediately
2007-03-04 [62] Doesn't get stuck anymore when inkscape fails to read svg, removed tilesGen_noGD.pl --Deelkar (talk) 18:12, 4 March 2007 (UTC) Bugfix Recommended
2007-03-03 [63] Config option to disable Beziercurvehinting on broken boxes (Gentoo AMD64 architecture, possibly others) --Dutch 23:28, 3 March 2007 (UTC) Workaround Low priority
2007-03-03 [64] Added beziercurvehinting to tilesGen.pl --Dutch 20:57, 3 March 2007 (UTC) Upgrade Install immediately
2007-03-02 [65] Fix tah-config.pm to bail out if "zip" binary is not present. --Frederik Ramm 13:31, 2 March 2007 (UTC) Bugfix Low priority
2007-03-02 [66] Detection of bad utf-8 data. *might* require additional "use" on older perl installations (<5.8.0). Tested on Perl 5.8.8 Upgrade Recommended
2007-03-01 [67] Optimised zoom levels 15 and 16. Minor adjustments to 12, 13 and 14. 80n 22:43, 1 March 2007 (UTC) Rules file Recommended
2007-02-28 [68] Changed the way progress information is written out, now uses much less space. Cosmetics Low priority
2007-02-27 [69][70] Changed name of config.pm to tahconfig.pm in order to avoid problems with clients running t@h on windows. Thanks to Kristian Thy for this fix. Bugfix Install immediately (windows users only)
2007-02-25 Totally revamped zoom level 14 and fix road centering at zoom levels 15-17. Upgrade Install immediately
2007-02-24 [71][72] Minor tweaks to zoom levels 12-17 Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-17 [73] Re-instate intended behaviour of osmarender:nameDirection. Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-14 [74] Minor tweaks to zoom level 13 rules file. Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-14 [75] Patch by sxpert to avoid sleep when there are waiting requests. Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-12 [76] Minor tweaks to zoom level 12 rules file. Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-12 [77] New version of rules file for zoom level 12. Corrects a lots of things that got reverted by Osmarender 4 Upgrade Install Immediately
2007-02-11 [78] The client now sends it's version and username when requesting work or uploading tiles.
further preparation for the API change.
Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-11 [79] Bugfix to correct rendering of islands in rivers Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-11 [80] Switch to Osmarender4. Separate osmarender.xsl is still provided but identical to the file from osmarender4 distribution. Although this is a major upgrade and we would like to see a full switch-over to Osmarender4 which renders some things slightly different, styles are compatible enough as to not completely break the mapping if old and new tiles co-exist. Upgrade Install Immediately
2007-02-10 [81] [82] Multiple changes:
put svn revision number into source (prepare for api switch)
split up the config so it is easier to upgrade new config options without the user having to manually merge the configfile with the new svn supplied one.
Upgrade Low Priority
2007-02-06 [83] [84] tilesGen rendered white lines at the north border of tiles, fixed. (tilesGen_noGD.pl also affected) Bugfix Install immediately
2007-02-06 tilesGen forced 256 colour palette on tiles, fixed. (tilesGen_noGD.pl not affected)
requires libgd version 2
Bugfix Install immediately
2007-02-04 tilesGen no longer exits from loop if the osm api fails to hand out data. Bugfix Low priority
2007-02-03 New version of Osmarender, fixes rendering artifact with rivers and lakes that contain islands Upgrade Low priority
2007-02-02 Changed how the high-zoom tiles are rendered. Huge speedup, needs Perl::GD, tilesGen_noGD is the old (slow) version Upgrade Low priority
2007-01-25 lowzoom.pl changed to use ImageMagick instead of GD library; now creates better level-7 and level-8 tiles. Use of old version is discouraged but doesn't break anything (just might look strange if neighbouring tiles are created with different versions). Upgrade lowzoom.pl users only
2007-01-19 upload.pl adapted to optionally put (part of) hostname in zip file name Upgrade Low priority
2007-01-07 Change to how it reads config files Upgrade Low priority
2006-12-19 [85] Error when checking whether a tile request is valid Bugfix Install immediately

More software changes on Trac, and development activity

See also