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TIREX-TILEDIR-CHECK(1)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioTIREX-TILEDIR-CHECK(1)

       tirex-tiledir-check - check tile dir

       tirex-tiledir-check [OPTIONS] MAP

       -h, --help
               Display help message.

       -c, --config=DIR
               Use the config directory DIR instead of /etc/tirex.

       -l, --list=FILE
               Write list of tiles to FILE. See below for format.

       -s, --stats=FILE
               Write stats about tiles to FILE. See below for format.

       Walks recursively through the tiles directory for the given MAP and
       checks for wrong directory or file names or files that can’t be
       accessed. If problems are found, messages are written to STDERR.

       When the --list and/or --stats options are given, it outputs
       information about each tile and/or generates statistics, respectively.
       The list and stats are written to the filenames given, if you give ’-’
       as the filename STDOUT is used.  You can only use STDOUT for either the
       list file or the stats file.

       Caution: This command will go through all metatiles on your disk and
       stat each file. On a lightly loaded machine with lots of RAM this can
       go pretty quick, but under high IO loads it might take a long time.
       Take this into account if you want to run it regularly from cron or

       The list file is in CSV format with one line per metatile. The fields

       age     Age of metatile in seconds.

       size    Size in bytes of the metatile.

       blocks  Number of blocks used for this metatile.

               Description of metatile. Format: map=foo x=8 y=0 z=10

       This data can be read with other programs to create statistics etc.

       The stats file is in JSON format. It contains a hash with the names of
       all maps as keys and a list of zoom levels as their values. For each
       zoom level there is a nested hash containing the statistics:

       count - Number of tiles
       maxage - Maximum age in seconds
       maxblocks - Maximum number of blocks
       maxsize - Maximum file size in bytes
       minage - Minimum age in seconds
       minblocks - Minimum number of blocks
       minsize - Minimum file size in bytes
       sumage - Sum of ages in seconds
       sumblocks - Sum of number of blocks
       sumsize - Sum of file size in bytes

       The sumage, sumblocks, and sumsize values can be divided by count to
       get the average.

       This file can be displayed on a human readable format with the Program
       tirex-tiledir-stat. It is also read by several Munin plugins.

               The configuration file.

       Returns 0 if no errors were found or 1 if there were errors. If there
       were errors parsing the command line 2 is returned.


       Frederik Ramm <frederik.ramm@geofabrik.de>, Jochen Topf
       <jochen.topf@geofabrik.de> and possibly others.

perl v5.10.0                      2010-09-27            TIREX-TILEDIR-CHECK(1)