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The Tirex system has many commands. This an overview.

Command line options

Most Tirex commands have at least the following command line options:

-h, --help
Display help message.
-d, --debug
Run in debug mode. Commands that normally run in the background will keep running in the foreground. Verbose logging is enabled and the command will log to STDERR (see Logging).
-c, --config=DIR
Use the config directory DIR instead of the default /etc/tirex (see Config).

See the man pages for other options.


Output of the tirex-status command.
This is the heart of the Tirex system. The master keeps track of all tile requests queuing them as necessary and sending them on to the renderers.
Manages the rendering backends, it starts the processes and re-starts them when they fail.
Used to send requests for tiles to be rendered from the command line. Used for instance for re-rendering old tiles.
Shows statistics and current status of master program, ie. queue sizes, tiles currently rendering, etc.
Checks configuration at outputs errors and warnings.
Low level program to send messages to master or other daemons.
Can be used to keep tile directories in sync on several machines.
Checks tile directories for corrupt files and creates statistics.
Display statistics created by tirex-tiledir-check.
Used to temporarily halt/continue rendering.

There are some other commands that don't work out of the box and that are not installed by default. You can find them in the utils directory. See Utils.