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Trufi Association calls itself a social startup located in Hamburg, Germany that provides smartphone apps for informal traffic. Informal traffic means no regular stops and passengers hop on and off along a route. Informal traffic is mostly common in South America, Africa and great parts of Asia.

They are currently looking for:

  1. Mappers that want to help them to upload routes and snippet of routes to OpenStreetMap, e.g. in La Paz.
  2. Cities that want to make it possible for their people to have the apps and are willing to support the local community.
  3. Business Developers that could help them to put their social startup on sustainable feet.

In August 2019, The Trufi Association has published its Trufi App on Github [1] and is providing [2] in order to help cities to implement the Trufi App.



  • Trufi Association e.V.



  • Christoph Hanser (user:chanser,, Vorsitzender des Vereins/Chairman


Trufi App started in Feb 2019 in ES:Cochabamba (Bolivia) and continued in Juli 2019 with the Trotro App to Accra (Ghana).

Key features:

  • POIs from OpenStreetMap
  • Routing from A to B with OTP server based on OSM routes
  • Display route results and options
  • Available in international and local languages

The app is for free, and the company finances its costs through server hostings and city-custom extensions.

App Name City Website Download Community
Trufi App Cochabamba, Bolivia Google PlayStore Especially User:Smaug, more locals and the wonderful volunteers of Guia Cochala.
Trotro App Accra, Ghana Beta phase AccraMobile3 and Jungle Bus
work in progress Nicaragua / / OpenStreetMap Nicaragua (with Nomada, porfiriopaiz, Mayorgalinux and xamanu)
work in progress La Paz/El Alto, Bolivia / / /


Some of their tools were published under MIT license on trufi-app/geojson-to-gtfs.