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Logo Jungle Bus fond blanc.png

Jungle Bus is an not-for-profit association that aims to improve the public transport data in OpenStreetMap. Its team consists of OpenStreetMap and public transport enthousiasts.

The team conducts two sorts of actions :

  • develop and improve tools related to public transport in OpenStreetMap
  • help local communities to map their local bus networks

The tools produced by JungleBus enable small local teams to improve the quality of public transport data in their city.

The aim is to produce a shared base to facilitate collaboration between multiple stakeholders : local governments, public transport organizations, start-ups, citizens, etc.

More details can be found on the official JungleBus website (fr).

You are welcome to subscribe to the transport mailing list(fr) or contact the team on : contact at junglebus.io.

Local projects

Below is the list of current and past projects. Feel free to add your own project to the list and/or contact the team :

  • AccraMobile3 : the local community of Accra in Ghana mapped all 320 transport lines of Greater Accra
  • Greater Paris in France
  • Bamako in Mali
  • Dakar in Sénégal
  • Kinshasa in Demotratic Republic of the Congo
  • Freetown in Sierra Leone
  • Niamey in Niger

How to map your local bus network

The page How to map my local bus network (french only) offers a simple and effective way to map your bus network. Multiple approaches depending on your tools, and on the information you can get hold of, are proposed.


Jungle Bus not only helps developing existing tools, it also produces new tools dedicated to transport data. They are designed to be :

  • Simple, real simple !
  • co-constructed, beta-tester and shared with the OSM community
  • built from existing components
  • multi-lingual from day 1
  • 100% open source

We also listed the tools you might want to use for transport mapping : Awesome Transport Tools

Creating data : the JungleBus mobile App

The Jungle Bus mobile app is the first tool produced by the team. Available on Androïd devices in multiple languages, it provides a simple and effective way for anyone to position and describe bus stops on the ground.

Quality control

We produced several tools that help checking and improving the quality of transport data :

  • a set of JOSM validators that check the data consistency while you create it
  • several dedicated Osmose analysis
  • Bifidus - improve your transit, a web site that helps you to correct inconsistencies


Vapour Trail is an interactive map that enables you to visualize bus stops and bus lines available in OSM.

Have a look at our early try for a Jungle Bus transport render and also our interactive map of the transportation network in Accra.