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Jungle Bus is a company that helps transport stakeholders to co-create mobility data with the OpenStreetMap community.

The Jungle Bus solutions are dedicated for both public and private mobility organizations who wish to benefit from OpenStreetMap:

  • Mobility data creation, including paratransit
  • Creation of tools to collect, export and use these data
  • Collaboration projects with the OpenStreetMap community
  • Advice and support for public and private partners
  • Audit and data analysis

More details can be found on the official Jungle Bus website.

You are welcome to contact the team on: contact at junglebus.io.

Data creation

Below is the list of current and past mapping projects:

Jungle Bus also supports several projects from the local communities:

Collaborative projects

Studies & reports


Jungle Bus helps developing existing open source tools and also produces new tools dedicated to transport data in OSM.

Jungle Bus Community

Before it was a company, Jungle Bus was a non-profit (French association). Its team consisted of OpenStreetMap and public transport enthusiasts.

The objective: enable small local teams to improve the quality of public transport data in their city.

The team conducted two sorts of actions:

  • develop and improve tools related to public transport in OpenStreetMap
  • help local communities to map their local bus networks

You can still find these enthusiasts on the transport mailing list(fr).

See also:

  • The Jungle Bus mobile app is the first open source tool produced by the team. Available on Android devices in multiple languages, it provides a simple and effective way for anyone to position and describe bus stops on the ground.
  • How to map my local bus network (fr) - a tutorial