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A curated list of awesome tools about transport data in OSM

Contributing :

Please add your tool only if :

  • it is dedicated to transport (Overpass Turbo is a very useful tool, but is not dedicated to transport so please don't add it here)
  • it can be used anywhere (if it is closed source, or dedicated to a transport network or region, please don't add it here)

Data collection


OSMTracker is the basic and most used application to survey tracks and stops of public transport for OpenStreetMap. For this application, there is also a bus Layout - a preset to easily collect bus tracks and info about stops and bus lines.


OsmAnd is a general application to use OpenStreetMap. It works well for collecting data, too. Please review this public transport tracking tutorial.

Jungle Bus

Jungle Bus is a targeted and easy-to-use Android app for on-site bus stop collection.

MapContrib web editor

MapContrib is a webmap (with the JungleBus theme) to collect bus stop info.

Data editing

JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor)

JOSM is the mid-professional standard editor for OpenStreetMap. It is currently the most complete editor, also for public transport information, especially by extending it with some extensions/pluginsː


osm-pt-ngx-leaflet (source) is an online web editor used to edit public transport routes.

OSM Transport Editor

Makina Corpus's OSM Transport Editor (source) is an online web editor used to edit public transport relations.

Data validation and quality assurance

See Public transport/Quality Assurance.

Data visualization


There are several people creating specialist public transport maps:

Public Transport Viewers

The following tools display OSM public transport data :


Rutas is a ready to reuse website featuring bus lines in a city. It has been used so far in :

Station indoors

  • OpenStationMap displays indoors of public transport stations (including rails and platforms).

Data export and usage


osm2gtfs - source is a script to turn OpenStreetMap data and schedule information into GTFS, which can be widely used, like in OpenTripPlanner or in the mobile application Transportr.


gtfs-osm-sync is an open-source Java application used to synchronize public transportation data in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format with OpenStreetMap. Includes a visual editor for resolving conflicts between a GTFS dataset and edits to bus stops in OpenStreetMap.


osm-transit-extractor - source is a script that extract lines, routes and stop information and turn it into a GIS friendly format (CSV with WKT)

Sketch Line

Sketch Line (source) is a tool to create transport diagram out of OSM data. For now, it does not support the ptv2 schema.