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Overpass API includes a feature to render public transport maps (a kind of linear maps). All the following example links on this wiki page are using the documented {{Sketch Line}} utility template.


On this page you can choose the network, the line and the operator.

In order to get a specific rendering you can add the style:

  • wuppertal, simple style with German abbreviations (default)
  • padua, simple style with German abbreviations
  • paris, style displaying also connections, with French abbreviations
  • any style you provide.

Other options are summarily documented online on this webform, or better detailed with examples in the documentation of the {{Sketch Line}} template usable on this wiki.

The page display twice the stop of a route-relations using PTv2 as mentionned in this Overpass API issue. There is no plan to fix this problem soon.




Example preview of line 630 (VRR).





  • Bernmobil: 10

United Kingdom

Semi-working examples

United Kingdom

Bad examples

Public transport quality assurance