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Overpass API includes a feature to render public transport maps (a kind of linear maps). All the following example links on this wiki page are using the documented {{Sketch Line}} utility template.


On http://overpass-api.de/public_transport.html you can choose the network, the line and the operator.

In order to get a specific rendering you can add the style:

  • wuppertal, simple style with German abbreviations (default)
  • padua, simple style with German abbreviations
  • paris, style displaying also connections, with French abbreviations
  • any style you provide.

Other options are summarily documented online on this webform, or better detailed with examples in the documentation of the {{Sketch Line}} template usable on this wiki.

http://overpass-api.de/public_transport.html display twice the stop of a route-relations using PTv2 as mentionned in this Overpass API issue. There is no plan to fix this problem soon.

Examples in Germany

Example preview of line 630 (VRR).

Examples in Switzerland

  • Bernmobil: 10

Examples in Ireland

  • Bus Éireann: 40

Examples in France

Examples in Japan

Bad examples

Public transport quality assurance