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Available languages — Overpass API/Applications
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This page presents services based on Overpass API. Please be bold and add any Overpass API based service you know:


"Live" up-to-date data directly via Overpass API

Application Description Languages Frameworks /
Code /
Achavi Augmented change viewer: visualize changesets English OpenLayers /
Accomodation map OSM Unterkunftskarte - Hotels, Zeltplätze, Hostel, Ferienwohnungen, Gästehäuser, Wohnwagenstellplätze, Pensionen, Motels, Campingplätze aus Openstreetmap Deutsch Leaflet /
Open♥Map "The love in the palm of your hand." - Wiki Deutsch Leaflet /
maxheight map - OSM Truck QA Map Check truck related tagging worldwide.


  • Identify missing maxheight tags under (railway) bridges. Way intersection checks using "around" + Javascript
  • Find covered/tunnel without maxheight tag.
  • Check existing maxheight, maxwidth, maxlength, maxweight, maxaxleload, maxspeed:hgv, hgv, hazmat, toll and toll:N3 tags.
  • GPX File Export
OpenLayers /
Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE 8+, Mobile Versions
Mmd maxheight map screenshot.png
OSM Buildings OSM Buildings is a JavaScript library for visualizing OpenStreetMaps building geometry on interactive maps. English Leaflet /
Gdzie Eat, Party, Buy, Exercise - POI Map - add missing information via OSM Notes English Leaflet GitHub
opening_hours map Map which evaluates opening_hours like tags. English
OpenLayers GitHub
Opening hours map screenshot.png
Bicycle features Bicycle tags on OSM English OpenLayers /
Horse features Horse related tags in OSM. English OpenLayers /
OSM indoor map English Leaflet /
Turn restrictions Map of Turn restrictions - English Leaflet /
incomplete addresses Deutsch Leaflet /
github / MIT
CoinMap Map showing places where Bitcoin is accepted. English Leaflet /
GitHub / Coinmap.png
Maxspeed Map shows maxspeed tagging on streets
Organic TransforMap Shows where you can get organic produced stuff.
Part of Project TransforMap, more maps are available here:
  • Second Hand Map
  • Fair-Trade Map
  • Regional Map
English Leaflet github, WTFPL TransforMap-Organic.png
Refuges Info Covering mainly France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain : Shows a Map with Hiking amenities (mainly Alpine hut) from a local database, and hotel/camp_site/food store/parking from OSM Overpass queries. (Contact User:sletuffe) French Leaflet github, WTFPL Refuges.info-nav-page.jpeg

Database updates via Overpass API

Backend database updated at regular intervals via Overpass API, no live data.

Application Description Languages Frameworks /
Code /
CheckTheMonuments Qualitätssicherung für Monumente Deutsch Slippy map Backend code undisclosed. Netzwolf, reneman, OpenStreetMap und Mitwirkende CC BY-SA; ODbL Screenshot CheckTheMonuments.jpg
Veggiekarte Veggiekarte Deutsch Slippy map GitHub
haihui Collection of hiking maps, optimized for mobile use română D3.js GitHub Haihui.png
PNR-96 Address Coverage Stats Compares road name coverage in Sweden with an out-of-copyright 1996 postal number/street database. Currently limited to Greater Stockholm and some northern municipalities. Weekly updates. svenska Plain HTML tables GitHub, MIT licensed code Pnr96addrstats.png


Application Description Languages Frameworks Code /
overpass turbo A web based graphical user interface for Overpass API.

With overpass turbo you can run Overpass API queries and analyse the resulting OSM data interactively on a map.

and many more
Leaflet (via GeoJSON) github / MIT
overpass turbo in action
QuickOSM A QGIS plugin to query Overpass. English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch PyQGIS, OGR github / GPL
QuickOSM in action
OSMquery An ArcGIS plugin to query Overpass. github / GPLv2