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URL Parameters

You use the following query string parameters to instruct turbo to set certain properties on startup (such as the query or the map location).


This sets the query to the given string.

Key: Q

Value:  URL-encoded string.

Example: http://overpass-turbo.eu/?Q=node%5B%22amenity%22%3D%22drinking_water%22%5D(%7B%7Bbbox%7D%7D)%3B%0Aout%3B

Compressed Query

This sets the query to the given Base64-encoded LZW-compressed string.

Key: q

Value:  URL-encoded  Base64-encoded  LZW-compressed string.

Example: http://overpass-turbo.eu/?q=bm9kZVsiYW1lbml0eSI9ImRyaW5rxJJnX3dhdGVyIl0oe3tiYm94fX0pOwpvdXQ7

Map Location & Zoom

Sets the map center coordinates and zoom level.

As an alternative to the notation below you can also use lat/lon/zoom parameters (as used on osm.org for example).

Key: C

Compressed Map Location & Zoom

Key: c

Run Query

Runs the query immediately after startup.

Key: R

Value: No value required (optionally providing any arbitrary value will do the same)

Example: http://overpass-turbo.eu/?Q=node%5B%22amenity%22%3D%22drinking_water%22%5D(%7B%7Bbbox%7D%7D)%3B%0Aout%3B&C=47.0618984;15.4370248;17&R


Instead of directly providing a query, one can also use one of several predefined templates to preload overpass turbo with a query. More information about templates is found in its own subpage.

Key: template

Value: name of the template to load

Example: http://overpass-turbo.eu/?template=key-value&key=amenity&value=parking


One can also use the query wizard to provide the user with a query. This parameter remote controls the wizard to construct an overpass query and preloads it on start-up.

Key: w

Value: search string to pass to query wizard

Example: http://overpass-turbo.eu/?w=amenity%3Dpub+in+dublin