Turkey Earthquake 2011

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USGS shakemap

The Turkey Earthquake 2011 struck eastern Turkey near the city of Van (map). Wikipedia:2011 Van earthquake has details and news links.

Using our map

Browse the map to get a feel for map data we have. You're very welcome to use OpenStreetMap under the terms of the OpenStreetMap License. There's lots of documentation about using OpenStreetMap on this wiki. Feel free to contact the community and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team for assistance,


On the ground

We have very few street names

Remote mapping work to do

There's an area of high resolution Bing imagery available covering the city of Van. We've more or less finished tracing the road network, but you may find some areas where you can contribute there still.

Outside of this area there may be some details visible in Landsat e.g. lakes, rivers and some big roads

There are also other high resolution Bing images covering areas East, South-East, North, North-East, etc... from Van. See e.g. Bing image analyzer of the region.

Using JOSM

Before you start using the Bing imagery in JOSM, do the following:

  1. Create a new offset bookmarks. Preferences > Imagery Settings > Offset Bookmarks > Add. Set the offset value as bellow.

Using Potlatch2 Before you start using the Bing imagery in Potlatch2, do the following:

  1. Display lat/lon. Edit > Options . Check the "Show mouse latitude/longitude" box on.
  2. Decide a reference point wherever you like and put your mouse on it. Memorise "Mouse latitude/longitude" value as a reference point(Before). Add offset value as bellow as a reference point(After). Press space bar + Drag where the "Mouse latitude/longitude" equals to a reference point(After).

Inaccurately placed Bing imageries

If you find a new offset value, please add it.

Location Reference point example(Before) Reference point example(After) offset(JOSM) offset(Potlatch2) Notes
Van(West end of the railway) 43.31881, 38.52070 43.31910, 38.52065  0.0002900; -0.0000500 0.00029, -0.00005
Van(East end of the railway) 43.37776, 38.53015 43.37805, 38.53010  0.0002900; -0.0000500 0.00029, -0.00005

Sourcing Imagery

As ever, we can benefit from access to more/better imagery. Here is a map showing the coverage of medium to high resolution imagery near the affected area. [1].


DigitalGlobe has released a north-south strip of imagery covering Van, Ercis and the area around the epicenter not covered by other sources. They only want us having 20 people at a time using the imagery (a signup list is at TurkeyEarthquake2011/Using_FirstLook). There is a HOT task on the tasking server for the whole area covered by this imagery here, and another one focused on Erciş there. In order to see the imagery open the preferences in JOSM and on the "WMS/TMS Imagery Tab" add a new entry in the "Selected Entries" menu at the bottom and then on the TMS tab for this entry add the following as the TMS URL:


Please use the following attribution for any objects you add from the DigitalGlobe Imagery:



Three EO-1 images near Van region are available (now with enhanced contrast), covering:

Use with Potlatch :

For Potlatch 2, in menu "Background / Edit / Add", give a name (for example "Van - EO-1"), and copy the following URL:


(you can also uncheck "Dim").
For Potlatch 1, open "Options (choose background map)" dialog window, and copy-paste the following URL in "Custom":


(you can also uncheck "Dim background").

Use with JOSM :

To make the image available in the Imagery menu in JOSM, go to Modify / Preferences / WMS - TMS tab / +, give a name (for example "Van - EO-1"), and copy-paste the following URL in "Web address" (bottom):



The astronauts onboard the space station took ~15 fairly high resolution pictures of the city of Van and the surrounding areas it 2010. These images seem to cover the outskirts of the city which are not covered by the Bing hi-res area and therefore would be useful. I will start ortho-rectifying them at the NYPL relief map warper. If anyone else wants to work on rectifying some of these images it will go faster, but please mark your name on the table here before you start to avoid duplicating work. Once at least a few of these images are properly rectified I will also create a "layer" on the map-warping site so they can be easily used. When downloading an image to upload to the map-warping site, make sure you download the full resolution image (~4000px wide) by clicking on the "request" link by the larger version.

One thing to be aware of is that there is a significant amount of overlap in these images which means that when you are tracing an area you may want to load up 2 or more images in JOSM and use the show/hide layer options to flip between them and the low-res Bing imagery to compare the relative offsets between them (you can also make one/both of them partially transparent). It is generally best to trace a feature's detailed shape in the higher resolution imagery and then switch to the Bing low-res to try to align it as best you can. By always aligning to the low-res Bing we avoid confusion of offsets between the rectified images, and the low-res Bing seems to be pretty well aligned already. Also note that the "offset" will vary across the rectified images, in some places they are "dead on" and other places they can be off by tens of meters, be warned.  :)

Please use source=ISS, Image courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center - ISS023-E-43512, 2010-05-14 (adjust image reference and date depending on which you use)

Image Status Warped Image Preview Josm WMS Link Notes
ISS023-E-43512 Rectified (see note) - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 1 Preview JOSM WMS I am done working on this one for now. The solution is pretty bad in some places but it is still better than the landsat. The rectifier seems to have used different solutions for different parts of the image and as a result you can see where the tile boundaries are -- I think this is why I can't get a good fit over the whole image.
ISS023-E-43513 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 2 Preview JOSM WMS This one seems to have fit better than the first but the weird tile boundaries are also visible on this one as well.
ISS023-E-43514 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 3 Preview JOSM WMS This one was har to fit since the only control points that could be found all lie pretty much in a line along the coast (the image is mostly water). As a result this should only be used for the small area near Edremit, south of Van.
ISS023-E-43515 Not yet started This image covers the city center, which is already well covered by Bing hi-res. It is low priority for rectification.
ISS023-E-43516 Not yet started This image covers almost the same part of the main city as ISS023-E-43517 which Jgc already rectified, so it is also low priority.
ISS023-E-43517 Rectified -- Jgc Van, Turkey - 6 Preview JOSM WMS Includes eastern suburbs of Van missing on Bing.

(Warning: Beware of inaccuracies. Advice: Try the process to become aware of them yourself ;-) )

ISS023-E-43518 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van Turkey - 7 Preview JOSM WMS The area to the north of Van along the coastline. This image fits very well with the already traced imagery.
ISS023-E-43519 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 8 Preview JOSM WMS Offset Ok, but not great.
ISS023-E-43520 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 9 Preview JOSM WMS This map fits beautifully since the peninsula northwest of Van has several very easy to locate control points on the lake-shore.
ISS023-E-43521 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 10 Preview JOSM WMS Fit looks very good along the coast, seems to be a little less accurate inland, however it is pretty good overall.
ISS023-E-43522 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 11 Preview JOSM WMS Fit is pretty good across the whole image.
ISS023-E-43523 Rectified - AndrewBuck Van, Turkey - 12 Preview JOSM WMS Fits the bottom portion of the image well, top part is all water.
ISS023-E-43524 Rectified - AndrewBuck Mount Tendurek Lava Flows Preview JOSM WMS This image shows an area farther north than the others, it is just south of the volcano Mount Tendurek and shows a large lava flow.
ISS011-E-10597 Rectified - AndrewBuck Ercis, Turkey - Low res Preview JOSM WMS This medium resolution image has a much lower resolution than the others. It covers Ercis. It is only about as good as the Landsat, but it is different, which helps you spot roads that are questionable in one or the other.
The fit is good across the whole image.
ISS011-E-10678 Rectified - AndrewBuck Adilcevaz, Turkey - Low res Preview JOSM WMS This medium resolution image covers almost the same area as ISS011-E-10597, however it is slightly west and does not show Ercis but shows a smaller tow farther west.
ISS011-E-9125 Rectified - Jgc Ercis, Turkey Preview JOSM WMS Covers Ercis and the north-east end of Van lake.
ISS011-E-9126 Not yet started
ISS011-E-7316 Rectified - AndrewBuck Tatvan, Turkey Preview JOSM WMS An image just northeast of Tatvan showing the small lake in a crater to the north of the town. Quite a ways from the quake zone, I thought it was closer until I actually started rectifying it, but it may still be useful. The fit is pretty good except for the northernmost side, but it will be better once it re-renders.
ISS011-E-7317 Rectified - AndrewBuck Mount Suphan, Turkey Preview JOSM WMS A closeup of Mount Suphan with a several small towns in the image. The fit is pretty good across the whole image, offsets are at most a few meters.
ISS006-E-28391 Being rectified - AndrewBuck 21:36, 27 October 2011 (BST)
ISS006-E-28392 Not yet started
ISS006-E-31524 Being rectified - AndrewBuck 22:47, 27 October 2011 (BST)
ISS006-E-31525 Not yet started
ISS018-E-10208 Not yet started
ISS027-E-9985 Being Rectified - AndrewBuck 21:36, 27 October 2011 (BST)

Public domain maps

Turkey page at Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection includes in particular this 1:1,000,000 - Operational Navigation Chart series map (17.1MB), which shows some roads that are not yet in OSM, and might be visible on Landsat.

This map is from 1997, is it really in the public domain? --Michael gd 13:33, 25 October 2011 (BST)
Yes, it was produced by the federal US government. See [2].

Other information

A crisis map for events related to this earthquake is available here (Turkish)