UK 2016 Q4 Project: Food Hygiene Ratings

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The aim of this UK Quarterly Project was to use UK Food Hygiene Rating System data to improve the density of POIs, addresses and postcodes in town centres. The project ran from Sep-Dec 2016 and was followed by a later project in 2019.

NB Information from this page has now migrated to the main subject page or the 2019 project page.

2016: Contact with the Food Standards Agency

Jez Nicholson mentioned the quarterly project to Dr Sian Thomas, Head of Information Management at Food Standards Agency on Twitter. Her reaction was, "how exciting! When is it and how can we help?". They are keen advocates of open data. There is scope to involve them or get them to spread the word on OSM UK further.

There is an intention to feed back at the end of the project errors, typos, mismatches to the FSA or the appropriate local authorities en masse.

Progress tracking

Progress graph
Progress in the percentage of FHRS establishments matched during the project