UK 2019 Q2 Project: Retail Areas

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The aim of this UK Quarterly Project is to check and update the high streets and retail areas of the UK. This project runs from Apr-Jul 2019.

This quarter should see us address the issue of the major change under way on all our high streets as the retail sector continues its restructuring under the impact of online services.

We are also trying to get a StreetComplete instance set up to help with surveying/editing. Adam from the OSMUK Board is leading this initiative and is keen to get some assistance.


The first priority should be to reduce the number of "Ghosts". Ghosts are businesses that no longer exist (e.g Toys R US, BHS) or have changed name due to merger or takeover or rebranding (e.g Lloyds TSB, Staples, Co-operative Pharmacies). A comprehensive list is at Ghosts — Closed or Renamed Shops and Amenities in OpenStreetMap UK. There are probably more announcements to be made to add to our work, as bank and ATM networks continue to retract. This could be a good opportunity to build community links by contacting local mappers in areas that need some attention to their high streets, rather than armchairing the exercise

Tool summary

Nameless Amenities

Some relevant numbers from the missing names lists.

amenity=* value 1st April 2019
place_of_worship 6262
post_office 4039
cafe 2077
fuel 1283
fast_food 1174
pharmacy 976
pub 917
restaurant 817
bank 393
bar 154
ice_cream 71
shop 57
bureau_de_change 51

shop=* value 1st April
convenience 2348
yes 1766
hairdresser 911
car_repair 655
car 624
gift 374
newsagent 315
garden_centre 291
clothes 287
butcher 285
laundry 255
supermarket 250
kiosk 179
bakery 165
alcohol 162
florist 156
doityourself 129
greengrocer 128
charity 127
beauty 125
ticket 118
optician 115
dry_cleaning 103
mall 102
jewelry 89
furniture 87
disused 86
funeral_directors 82
books 81
antiques 81
estate_agent 78
farm 73
bicycle 69
bookmaker 65
hardware 60
chemist 53
pet 50

Previous projects

This continues on from last quarter's project to map addresses of FHRS businesses.