UK Quarterly Project/2020/2020 Q4 Project: Defibrillators

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OSM magnifying glass with the ISO 7010 E010 AED icon in focus of the glass.

The fourth UK Quarterly Project of 2020 (October, November, December) is on Defibrillators

Please share and add to this page any useful tools or sources.


UK Quarterly Projects are a non-prescriptive activity, that is, we do not tell you what to do. As a group we decide to focus on a particular subject, we discuss on the Talk-GB mailing list, we talk to external organisations (without duplicating efforts), we build new software, and we document findings here. Over time this may include more prescribed activities.

Useful wiki pages

Potential sources and tools

UK Ambulance Services

Robert's Mathmos tool has data from all Ambulance Services in the UK apart from Northern Ireland and London

The Circuit

UK Ambulance Services are moving (2019+) to a central UK-wide database of AEDs called "The Circuit" This is being run by the British Heart Foundation It is unclear whether they will publish the national set of locations, though local Ambulance Services (such as East of England) have said they intend to keep publishing a list for their region.

Things to do

  • Add new defibrillators that aren't on the map!
    • This is probably not going to be an armchair mapping activity as defibrillators are not going to be visible in aerial photography. Adhering strictly to copyright advice and terms of service, Google StreetView is *not* an allowable data source. Mapillary and OpenStreetCam may be suitable if the images are recent.
    • The subject deserves a high-level of positional and tag content accuracy
    • If you can't go and survey defibs, map buildings around the area so surveyors can easily add the defib.
  • Refine the detail of already mapped defibrillators, e.g.
    • Add a photo
    • Add survey:date=*
    • Are they indoors?
    • Are they always accessible? opening hours?
  • Liaise with 'The Circuit'
    • there are a significant number of AEDs mapped in OSM which aren't on the Ambulance Services' lists. It would be great if we could engage with the people running The Circuit to help them discover additional AEDs and contact the providers to get the missing devices registered with them.
  • Involve members of Missing Maps Project
    • Include (on this page) assistance for newer mappers to be able to do more general mapping in the UK
    • Liaise with Missing Maps organisers
  • Source data for locations in London and Northern Ireland