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Why can't I edit my map?

  • I created a map long time ago, I still have the link to the map, but I can't edit it. I do not see the edit button (pencil)

Details about the issue:
This is a common "issue" with uMap. You probably created your map without connecting with an account to uMap first. This way your map is "linked" with your web browser (more exactly by cookies on your web browser). So if you have cleared your browser, you lost this "link" with your map.

Instant solution:
If your are in this specific case, you won't be able to recover your map. But you can "clone" it and recover all your settings and data. Read the following procedure: How to clone an uMap project?

Other solution:
You can ask the administrator of your uMap instance (fr, en, ch, ...) to send you by email the administrator link of your map. Then, open this link and add your account in the editors list.

How to clone a uMap project?

  • How can I clone/duplicate an uMap project?

The share button Icon-share.png must be available on the map.


  1. Open the uMap you want to clone
  2. Click on the share button on the left panel Icon-share.png
  3. On the right panel, in the Download data section, select Full map data
  4. Click on button Download data, you will get an "your_map.umap" file
  5. Go on the main uMap website
  6. [Not mandatory, but advised] Connect on uMap with an account
  7. Create a new map
  8. Click on the button Import data Icon-upload.png
  9. Select the "your_map.umap" file and click on the Import button
  10. Done, you will get a "clone" of the source map

How to make a "private" uMap?

  • Is it possible to make a "private" uMap project?

Answer: Edit your uMap properties and set visibility to anyone with link or editors only. See uMap/Guide/Define who can view my uMap for details

Why my map is not in my language?

  • Why cities and country name are in another language?

Answer: It depends on the selected layer. If your are using the french uMap server, the default layer is "OSM-Fr". Change the tile layer by pressing Icon-layer.PNG.

UMap change tilelayer.png