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help text formatting

Text fields like description allow in addition to flat text also formatting and link information.


Short options with corresponding syntax:

  • Italics: normal and *italics*
  • Bold: normal and **bold**
  • Main heading: # at the start of a line
  • heading level 2: ## at the start of a line
  • A horizontal line: --- at the start of a line
  • A simple link: [[https://....]].
  • A link with a readable name: [[https://....|readable name]].
  • A link to a POI in current map: [[#zoom/latitude/longitude]] e.g. [[#15/45/3]]
  • An image: {{https://....}}.
  • An image with width in in pixels: {{https://....|100}}.
  • Inclusion of a website: {{{https://....}}}.
  • Inclusion of a website with height in pixels: {{{https://....|300}}}.
  • Inclusion of a website with height and width in pixels: {{{https://....|300*200}}}.
  • A Unicode character is permitted in the text. Unicode is found on the web[1]. Some examples of Unicode code characters: ♻️ Ⓜ️ ☢️ ⚠️ ⚡ ⌘ €


Formatting example

The example shows a popup where several options are used. The description of this object has following text:
# The Heading 1
Lorem ipsum *italics* dolor sit amet...
## Level 2 heading
The ball head is **bold** and round.
A dynamic property like *name* shows
Here is a link to Unicode [[|FLAGs]].
Horizontal line above here.
--- This line starts with 2 spaces followed by 3 minus
Picture 100 pixels wide:
Same picture without width specified:

  1. [1]Compart: Unicode Blocks