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The uMap user guide in English.

This guide is intended for users exploring maps and authors that create and modify maps.

This guide has been created on instance with software version 1.1.2. This instance is also available in other languages.

Reading guide


Registration/login in for this program is not mandatory, it is possible (and recommended for authors).

uMap is intuitive to use and shows functional pop-ups and help texts: uMap can be used without this guide.

For readers, this manual provides details plus the knowledge to send authors specific requests. For authors this is a reference and gives it the opportunity to study all the possibilities without having to do much testing.

This main article serves as a table of content and contains very little substantive text. The fonts in the tables below have the following meaning:

  • Bold: A set articles to get started with authoring.
  • Normal: Articles in the guide.
  • Italic: Alternate titles for articles.

Consult, browse Umap maps

Interaction buttons for usage of the map
Subject Icon
Open a map, search maps Search
Using the map
Export/download map information. Embed and share this map
See datalayers, browse information See datalayers
Show slideshow. Diashow controls
Short (stable) URL of the map Embed and share this map

Editing of uMap maps

Interaction buttons to edit the map
Level Subject Icon Keyboard
Map Create a new map. Create
Map Switch Edit mode on and off. Enable editing (CTRL-E) Ctrl+E
Map Save this map. Ctrl+S
Map Edit map properties. Edit map settings
Map Define who can view my uMap. Update permissions and editors
Map Define who can edit my uMap. Update permissions and editors
Map Define editors to modify my uMap. Update permissions and editors
Map Choose a usage licence for my uMap. Edit map settings
Map Save this center and zoom. Save this center and zoom
Map Setup slideshow. Edit map settings
Map Import data files. Import data (CTRL-I) Ctrl+I
Map Clone, delete and empty a map. Edit map settings
Layer Create a layer. Manage layers
Layer Edit layer properties. Manage layers
Layer Manage layers. Manage layers
Layer Edit properties of layer objects Manage layers
Layer Export data of a layer. Manage layers Also Embed and share this map
Layer Import layer data. Import data (CTRL-I)
Layer Clone, delete and and empty a layer. Manage layers
Object-marker Add a node marker. Draw a marker Ctrl+M
Object-marker Customize the icon and display of a marker. Draw a marker
Object-line Draw a line. Draw a polyline Ctrl+L
Object-line Customize the display of a line. Draw a polyline
Object-polygon Draw a polygon. Draw a polygon Ctrl+P
Object-polygon Customize the display of a polygon. Draw a polygon
All Configure shape interaction (labels…) Label
All Text formatting, links and images in the text. Example formatting
All Select color and fill color Color selector

Subject lists

 ⇓ All subjects for readers
 ⇓ All subjects for authors
 ⇓ All subjects to get started
 Tips,  FAQ