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Part of panel to modify a Layer.
Map level Default interaction options
Also for individual shapes

Information about a shape (marker, line, polygon) can be shown in various ways: labels, pop-ups, sidebar,.... This article is about the configuration of this information: what will be shown, how is it displayed and when is it displayed.

Example of a Popup and a Label

Configuration options are available on Map level (the default), on Layer level and for individual shapes. See structure.


Menu for Popup shape.

Popup shape

The dropdown has 3 options

  • Popup: Default. Shape grows vertically for more text.
  • Popup (Large): Wider than the default.
  • Side panel: Suitable for much (formatted) text.

A scroll bar appears automagically if too much text must be shown.
All options may show a navigation icon (Icon-popup-navigate.PNG). See Popup footer in the User Interface option of the Map.

Menu for Popup content style.

Popup content style

The dropdown has 4 options. Effect shown in the picture below

Example Default and Table.
Default Popup content template.

Popup content template

The template to be used by the Popup can be specified on Map level and Layer level.

Variables are enclosed by braces ({name}). This field allows also standard text and formatted text.


Following code will produce a "JOSM" link to edit the clicked OSM object:

[[{id}|Edit in JOSM]]


Label display options.

Display label

Standard label
Location of the label w.r.t. the shape

Label direction

Option Automatic enables a dynamic text positioning: the system may choose the best readable position of the label.

Labels are clickable

Click of a shape show the Popup. Click of the associated Label does nothing. Configuration of On here will show the Popup if the label is clicked.

Allow interactions

Part of panel to modify a polygon

Configuration of a polygon has extra option Allow interactions, values Off and On (default). Help shows: If false, the polygon will act as a part of the underlying map..
Effect is that click a polygon no longer activates a link, shows no popup, hover shows no lable AND it is no longer possible to select the polygon graphically. (Use browse information).

Link a website

Configuration of a polygon has extra option to specify a link. Configuration of a link overrules the Popup configuration

Link to ...

Enter a full URL.

Options where a link can be opened

Open Link in

  • new window
  • iframe: In the current window. The Back button of the browser can be used to get back to the Map.
  • parent window