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Options to share the map

This article shows how different classes of map data can be retrieved and shared. Applicable for any map.
Routes to this page:
- Icon Icon-share.png explained in Using the map.
- Download data explained in Edit map properties.

Embed the map

Embed the map shows the íframe information for inclusion of this map in another website. Recipe:

  • Click on button Iframe export options and select the export options from this menu.
  • Copy the text field.
  • Paste this text into the code of the target website.

The Iframe Exportoptions offer the possibility to configure the appearance of the map on load, e.g. open current feature on load. This is not limited to embedded frames but can also be used on full window maps.

Short URL

As the name of the map is allowed to change a short, stable URL is present to find a map. The syntax of the URL may be different by instance, pattern like:
The number shows the unique map number

Download data

Download data is intended for downloading map information. Options:

  • Full map data
  • geojson
  • gpx
  • kml