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uMap stores markers, lines, and polygons in layers.

The creation of a uMap map wil automatically create 1 standard layer (Layer 1).
More layers can be created with this procedure.

  • Step 1: Start edit met Icon-edition.PNG
Add a new layer
  • Step 2: Select on the right side Manage Layers Icon-database.PNG
  • Step 3: Select in the panel with existing layers Add layer. See 1. The system will create an additional layer and show the panel to edit layer properties.
Layer properties
  • Step 4: A layer without a name will be referenced in the system with name undefined. The name can be modified later. Recommendation: give a layer immediately a name (see 2) and also a description see (3). The description may contain text formatting.
  • Step 5: Save
    Button save-cancel.jpg

A description of the other options in Layer properties can be found in UMap/Guide/Edit layer properties.

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