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Part of panel to modify a polygon.
Partially also on Layer level.
Partially also on Map level: Default shape properties

Display of a polygon can be adapted. This article shows how.

Options for modification are available on Map level (sets the default), Layer level and for individual polygons. See Structure.
Options can be found by expanding Shape properties and Advanced properties.


The color of a polygon lines is determined by Option color ⇒ define.


The polygon lines are by default semi-transparant. The slider opacity modifies this.


Slider weight shows the polygon lines wider or narrower.


Determine display of polygon lines. Values ON (default) and OFF.


Determines display of a fill color for the polygon. Values ON (default) and OFF.

fill color

The color of the poygon fill is set by: Option color ⇒ define.

Left default, Right lines and filling more transparant (opacity=lower)

fill opacity

The slider determines the opacity of the fill color.

Minimal ---- maximal


How much to simplify the polygon on each zoom level (more = better performance and smoother look, less = more accurate). Effect is shown in the picture.

Dashpattern 5,5 (left) and 5,10,15 (right)

dash array

A comma separated list of numbers that defines the stroke dash pattern.

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