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Work In Progress, Incomplete

This page aims to collect pipeline route relations (route=pipeline) in the United States.

Crude Oil

Name Route ID Distance From To Operator Capacity (b/d) Notes
Trans-Alaska Pipeline relation 3624822 800 mi Prudhoe Bay, AK Valdez, AK Alyeska Pipeline Service Company 2,100,000
Gardendale Mainline relation 14503734 142 mi Gardendale, TX Corpus Christi, TX Harvest Midstream Company
Genesis Pipeline - Jay System relation 14438562 170 mi Southeast Alabama Oil Fields Saraland Refinery, Mobile, AL Genesis Pipeline USA, L.P. 9-mi line from refinery to Plains PL Jct currently not used
South Texas Crude Oil Pipeline System relation 14505190 370 mi Eagle Ford Shale Oil Fields, TX Corpus Christi, TX Nustar Logistics Map (P. 12)
Cactus II Pipeline relation 14505597 575 mi Midland, TX Corpus Christi, TX Plains Pipeline, LP 670,000 Built in 2020
Hunt Crude Oil Suppy Pipeline relation 14533763 230 mi Southeast MS Fields Tuscaloosa, AL Hunt Crude Oil Suppy Company Brings crude oil from Southeast(-west) MS(-AL) oil fields to Hunt's refinery/asphalt plant
Gray Oak Pipeline relation 14568689 850 mi Texas Permian Basin/Eagle Ford Shale Ingleside/Corpus Christi Port/Sweeny Refinery, TX Phillips 66 Pipeline, LLC 950,000 Built in 2019, relation not yet complete

Refined Petroleum Products

Name Route ID Distance From To Operator Capacity (b/d) Notes
Colonial Pipeline relation 7284488 5500 mi Houston, TX New York Colonial Pipeline Company 3,000,000
Line#1: 1,500,000
Colonial Pipeline Atlanta -> Chattanogaa relation 14378384 275 mi Atlanta, GA Chattoogaa, TN Colonial Pipeline Company
Colonial Pipeline Chattanogaa -> Knoxville relation 14378382 186 mi Chattoogaa, TN Knoxville, TN Colonial Pipeline Company 140,000
Colonial Pipeline Chattanogaa -> Nashville relation 14378383 304 mi Chattoogaa, TN Nashville, TN Colonial Pipeline Company 140,000
Colonial Pipeline Atlanta -> Bainbridge relation 14378381 253 mi Atlanta, GA Bainbridge, GA Colonial Pipeline Company 150,000
Colonial Pipeline Belton -> Augusta relation 14623060 160 mi Belton, SC Augusta, GA Colonial Pipeline Company
Colonial Pipeline North Carolina Branch relation 14629041 375 mi Greensboro, NC Raleigh(Airport), Fayetteville, Selma, NC Colonial Pipeline Company
Colonial Pipeline Roanoke Line relation 14630181 190 mi Mitchell Junction, VA Montvale, VA Colonial Pipeline Company Currently not used due to corrosion
Casa Pipeline System relation 14553351 150 mi Corpus Christi, TX San Antonio, TX Citgo Products Pipeline Company
Central Florida Pipeline relation 13875381 190 mi Port of Tampa, FL Orlando, FL Kinder Morgan
Plantation Pipeline relation 8691680 3180 mi Baton Rogue, LA Washington, DC Plantation Pipeline Company 720,000 cleanup needed
Plantation Pipeline - Bremen -> Knoxville relation 14378386 196 mi Bremen, GA Knoxville, TN Plantation Pipeline Company
Plantation Pipeline - Bremen -> Macon relation 14378385 111 mi Bremen, GA Macon, GA Plantation Pipeline Company
Larendo Pipeline relation 14497712 98 mi Three Rivers Refinery, TX Larendo, TX Nustar Logistics 38,000 Includes a small branch to Mexico.
Valley Pipeline relation 14160144 270 mi Port of Corpus Christi, TX Port of Brownsville, TX Nustar Logistics 90,000

Natural Gas

Transcontinental Gas Pipeline

Name Route ID Distance From Via To Notes
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline (Eastern Main Line) relation 8337205 10,000 mi Texas LA, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, PA New York Incomplete, split branch lines MAIN-[A-E]-T-T-T
Transco Alabama GOM Mainline relation 14257340 175 mi Mobile Bay Gas Plant, AL Choctaw County, AL (Jct with main line) MBLAA-T-T-T
Transco Dalton Lateral relation 11903337 125 mi Newton, GA (Jct with main line) Dalton, GA DALT-A-T-T-T, built in 2017 (EA)

Tennessee Gas Pipeline

Name Route ID Distance From Via To Notes
100 System (Main Line) TBD 10,000 mi Agua Dulce Natural Gas Hub LA, MS, TN, KY, OH, PA, NY Boston, MA Daily Status, Customer Index
400 System relation 14556054 450 mi McAllen, TX Agua Dulce Natural Gas Hub, TX Gas Gathering from various field gathering plants

Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America

Name Route ID Distance From To Notes
Gulf Coast Main Line relation 14557102 9,100 mi Falfurrias, TX Chicaco, IL Daily Status, Customer Index - relation highly incomplete

Name Route ID Distance From To Operator Capacity (MMCF/d) Notes
Texas Eastern Transmission Pipeline relation 14553619 8500 mi Mexico Border New York Texas Eastern Transmission, LP 12000 Owned by Enbridge, consists of two main lines and multiple branches) - relation only ~5% complete
Gulfstream Pipeline relation 14555702 700 mi Alabama Coast (Mobile) FL Power Plants Gulfstream Natural Gas System L.L.C. 1300 Largely underwater in the Gulf of Mexico, provides gas to many major power plants
NET Mexico Pipeline relation 14154265 200 mi Agua Dulce Natural Gas Hub Mexico Border Net Mexico Pipeline Partners, LLC 2100 continue in mexico, operator changes
Coral Mexico Pipeline relation 14156385 103 mi King Ranch Gas Plant Mexico Border Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline 300 continue in mexico
Carolina Gas Transmission System relation 14156385 1450 mi Transco Pipeline, SC SC Carolina Gas Transmission, LLC
Elba Express Pipeline relation 14619619 190 mi Transco Pipeline Elba LNG Terminal, Savannah, GA Southern Natural Gas 945 built in 2010, Map, Daily Status, Customer Index, EIS
Florida Southeast Connection relation 13876925 170 mi Kissimmee, FL Palm Beach, FL Florida Southeast Connection, LLC 640
Sabal Trail Pipeline relation 11332192 482 mi Alexander City, AL Kissimmee, FL Sabal Trail Transmission 1000
Southeast Gas - Transmission System relation 14374203 507 mi AL AL Southeast Gas
Valley Crossing Pipeline relation 144899193 166 mi Agua Dulce Hub, TX US-Mexico Border, Brownsville, TX Valley Crossing Pipeline, LLC 2600 Major gas export PL. Built in 2019. Continues as the "Sur de Texas-Tuxpan Gas Pipeline" offshore to Tuxpan. (Not yet mapped)


Name Route ID Length From To Operator Capacity Notes
Dixie Pipeline (LPG) relation 13805393 1307 mi Mont Belvieu, TX Apex, NC Dixie Pipeline Company Includes a 200 mi branch to Alma, GA
Tampa Bay Pipeline (Ammonia) relation 13871391 80 mi Port of Tampa, FL Bone Valley Phosphate Plants Tampa Bay Pipeline Coorperation
EPIC Ethane Pipeline (Ethane) relation 14513566 131 mi Robestown, TX Markham, TX Epic Consolidated OPS, LLC 120,000 b/d Built in 2020
ExxonMobil Pipeline - Texas Propylene System (Propylene) relation 14557494 500 mi TX TX Exxonmobil Pipeline Company incomplete
Seadrift Pipeline (Ethane, Ethylene, Propane) relation 14567151 1200 mi TX TX Seadrift Pipeline Cooperation connects multiple Gas Plants with Dow Chemical sites, relation not yet complete
Ingleside Ethylene Pipeline relation 14568394 120 mi Ingleside, TX Markham, TX Buckeye Development & Logistics, LLC