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This page will list various ideas about how to map the units of the UK cadet forces (wikipedia:Community Cadet Forces). Existing tags should be utilised wherever possible but new tags may have to be proposed. Take a look at the talk page for some more general ideas about this scheme.

There are five cadet organisations that are sponsored by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). Overall, they add up to around 3,000 locations around the UK (some units share locations with other organizations):

  • The "Community Cadets" consisting of:
    • Sea Cadet Corps (~400 locations)
    • Volunteer Cadet Corps (9 locations)
    • Army Cadet Force (~1,700 locations)
    • Air Training Corps (~950 locations)
  • and the:
    • Combined Cadet Force (~275 locations)

Important information

  • There are other cadet organizations with similar/the same names around the world.
  • Using abbreviations like Air Cadets should be avoided as they are ambiguous, it could refer to either a cadet in the Air Training Corps or a cadet in the RAF section of the Combined Cadet Force

Common tags for all units


name=* In the format:

<ID> <(Place)> <Unit Type,> <Organisation>

for example:

2457 (Tring) Squadron, Air Training Corps

alt_name=* In the format:

<Place> <Cadet type>

for example:

Tring Air Cadets












Opening Hours / Parade Times

This is one area where I think a new tag may be needed (in circumstances where the unit is attached to a school?)


parade_hours=* - To specify when when the unit is open and active for cadets



for example:

Royal Air Force Air Cadets

I think this is needed to differentiate from other countries organizations. From wikipedia:Royal Air Force Air Cadets:

"The Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) is a volunteer-military youth organisation sponsored by the Royal Air Force that manages both the Air Training Corps and RAF Sections of the Combined Cadet Force."



One of the following, preferably the Full Format option. This is mainly to check what values are in use:

Full Format Reduced Format Acronym Format

Force specific tags

At the moment, this is just a brain dump. If possible, most of these tags should be common across the cadet forces.

Air Training Corps (ATC / Air Cadets)

Useful links:

Although the name=* tag should have all of this information, it can't be relied upon to be formatted correctly. For example, some squadrons use roman numerals instead of decimal for their IDs.

All of the following top-level examples use 2457 (Tring) Squadron

air_training_corps:id=* - e.g. 2457

  • This should be the decimal number, not a roman numeral (e.g. 17 instead on XVII)
  • The current largest number is 2535 (Livingston)
  • Low numbers are not padded (It's 25, not 0025)
  • Some of the squadron IDs between 1-50 have an F after them to show that they are a founder squadron (e.g. 1F)
  • The suffix DF, used to describe a detached flight, should not be used here as it is implied in the air_training_corps:type=* value (see below)

air_training_corps:place=* - e.g. Tring

  • This is the name that is that follows the ID
  • It is usually the name of the town that the squadron resides in
  • It can sometimes be the name of a school
  • If a squadron has been merged into another one, the old name sometimes comes with it (e.g. Rickmansworth and Chalfont)

air_training_corps:type=* - e.g. squadron

  • This will either be one of two values
  • Either squadron or detached_flight
  • This values should be lowercase and the space in detached_flight should be replaced with an underscore
  • This is not the place to describe a founder squadron. Instead, that should be a suffix on the ID (see above)

air_training_corps:wing=* - The name of wing that the squadron belongs to, e.g. Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire

  • There are 34? wings and this value should be one of them (FIXME - add list)

air_training_corps:region=* - The name of region that the squadron is in, e.g. Central & East

  • There are 6 regions and this value should be one of them (FIXME - add list)

Army Cadet Force (ACF / Army Cadets)

Useful links:

Sea Cadet Corps (SCC / Sea Cadets)

Useful links:

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

Useful links:

Volunteer Cadet Corps (VCC)

Useful links:

External links


Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association (RFCA)