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First the license stuff

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Licensing rights granted to OpenStreetMap Foundation
I hereby grant non-exclusive permission to the OpenStreetMap Foundation to relicense my contributions, under any copyleft license that it chooses, provided it maintains the free and open spirit of the CC-BY-SA. This permission acknowledges that future licensing needs of the OpenStreetMap project may need adapting in unforeseen fashions to facilitate other uses, formats, and locations. It is given for as long as this banner remains.

    GNU Free Documentation License
    In addition to the CC-by-sa license, this user has granted (or hereby grants) permission to copy, distribute and/or modify all its contributions to OpenStreetMap under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.

GPS and the likes

Currently I use a Dell Inspiron mini 9 netbook, software tangoGPS and a Bluetooth GPS receiver to get GPS logs.

I use JOSM for the editing part in OSM.

Before committing the editing, I check the rendering using the version of the Osmarender I have installed at home.

And OSM ?

Currently, besides contributing map data, I installed a client for tiles@home, contributing maps rendering, running the client whenever I have PC spare time (e.g. not using it to compile or other similar compute intensive tasks).

What I already did for open source

I am a code contributor to, this interview is what best describes it (and with it, my English mistypings as well...).

As of today, it's already more than a year and a half old, but things didn't change that much from then.

I use the same user name in

Where do I live?

My real name is Giuseppe Castagno and I live in Vigone (OSM link), a small village south-west of Turin (OSM link), Italy.

I'm mapping the village itself and the surrounding area, especially bicycle trails.

I work as a free lance developer and hardware designer; having customers around, I will map other areas whenever I drive into unmapped ones.

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