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Also refer too User:Oxomoa/Public_transport_schema


type = route
route = bus|...
network = ... (e.g. MVV)
operator = ...
ref = ... (e.g. 292 or S1)
from = departing stop
to = destination stop
node list: in right order

The list of stop nodes has to be in the right order according to the specified from/to stations!

Bus stops

highway = bus_stop
name = ...
bus_routes = ... (e.g. 292 for a single bus line or 292;291 for more than one)
optional: shelter|bench|...

This nodes should always be added to a route relation!

A role is optional if it is only a simple stop. If there are two separated bus_stop nodes for each direction, the roles should be forward_stop and backward_stop. Note that forward/backward refer to the direction of the adjacent way. Two separated nodes with the same name will be automatically regarded as one stop area by ÖPNVkarte and don't need an additional Tag:public_transport=stop_area.


Linediagramms using the Overpass API


MVV bus 292 implies the following query URL for an SVG image:

where style=wuppertal makes sure possibilities to change trains/busses are displayed