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This is a draft of content to use on the Pennsylvania page as replacement for the minimal road tagging guidance. It is based on discussions on Talk-us: US Trunk road tagging and the OSMUS Slack. Feel free to discuss or help edit this content prior to any inclusion on Pennsylvania.

List of Population Centers

Cities in or around Pennsylvania
City County Region/Bearing Interstates Other important/relevant radial highways
Allentown, PA Lehigh East I-78, I-476 US-22, US-222, PA-100
Bethlehem, PA Lehigh East I-78 US-22, PA-378
Easton, PA Northampton East I-78 US-22, PA-33, PA-248, PA-611
Altoona, PA Blair Central I-99 US-22, US-220
Erie, PA Erie Northwest I-79, I-86, I-90 US-6
Gettysburg, PA Adams South Central n/a US-15, US-30
Greensburg, PA Westmoreland Southwest n/a US-30, PA-66
Harrisburg, PA Dauphin South Central I-76, I-81, I-83, I-283 US-15, US-22, US-322, US-422, PA-283
Hazleton, PA Luzerne Northeast I-80, I-81 PA-93, PA-309, PA-924
Lancaster, PA Lancaster South Central n/a US-222, US-30, PA-72, PA-272, PA-283
Lebanon, PA Lebanon South Central n/a US-422, PA-72
New Castle, PA Lawrence West I-376 US-224, US-422
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Southeast I-76, I-676, I-95 US-1, US-11, US-13, US-30, PA-73, PA-309, PA-611
Pittsburgh, PA Allegheny Southwest I-279, I-376 US-19, US-22, US-30, PA-8, PA-48 PA-51, PA-65
Reading, PA Berks Southeast/South Central I-176 (Terminus) US-222, US-422, PA-61
Scranton Lackawana Northeast I-81, I-84, I-476, I-380 US-6, US-11
Wilkes-Barre Luzerne Northeast I-81, I-476 US-11, PA-309
State College, PA Centre Central I-99 US-220, US-224, US-322
Washington, PA Washington Southwest I-70, I-79 US-19, US-40
Williamsport, PA Lycoming Northeast I-180 (Terminus) US-220, US-15
York, PA York South Central I-83 US-30
Trenton, NJ Mercer Southeast I-295 NJ US-1
Elmira, NY Chemung Northeast I-86 NY/PA-328
Youngstown, OH Mahoning West I-680 US-62, US-422, US-224
Steubenville, OH Jefferson Southwest n/a US-22
Morgantown, WV Monongalia Southwest I-68, I-79 US-19, US-119
Cumberland, MD Allegany Southwest I-68 US-220
Hagerstown, MD Washington South Central I-70, I-81 US-11, US-40
Wilmingtown, DE New Castle Southeast I-95 US-202

Road Tagging

Trunk Roads

This should include routes that appear in the above table twice

Potential Trunk Routes
Trunk Route From (North/West) To (South/East) Cities Redundancies and Concurrencies Comment
US-1 I-276 MD-273
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Corridor largely served by I-95
US-6 I-90 I-81
  • Erie
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Redundant between Erie and Wilkes-Barre by I-86, except for traversing  Northern Tier or Erie Metro Area
Scarcely to be followed from one end to the other, except by some devoted eccentric
US-11 I-86 I-81
  • Harrisburg
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Redundant by I-80 or concurrent with US-15 from Wilkes-Barre to Harrisburg
  • Redundant by I-81 from Harrisburg to Hagerstown, MD
US-15 I-70 I-86
  • Corning, NY
  • Williamsport
  • Harrisburg
  • Gettysburg
  • Frederick, MD
  • York (via US-15 if northbound from Frederick)
  • Redundant by US-322 between US-322 and I-81
Principle North-South Connection
US-19 I-79 I-70
  • Pittsburgh
  • Washington
  • Redundant by I-79 between Erie and Cranberry
  • Redundant by I-79 south of Washington
Truck route preferred
US-219 Principle north-south connection
US-220 North-south connection
US-22 I-376 I-99
  • Pittsburgh
  • Altoona
  • Redundant by I-99 or I-76 for travel between Altoona and Harrisburg or State College
  • Concurrent with I-376
US-222 US-30 I-78
  • Lancaster
  • Reading
  • Allentown
US-322 I-80 I-81 or I-76 or US-30
  • State College
  • Harrisburg
US-422 I-376 US-219
  • New Castle
  • Pittsburgh (via PA-28)
  • Edensburg
  • Altoona (via US-22)
Pittsburgh belt road
US-422? PA-39 US-202
  • Harrisburg
  • Lebanon
  • Reading
  • Philadelphia (via I-76)
  • Redundant by I-76 for traffic bypassing Reading between Harrisburg and Philadelphia
US-30 I-376/PA-8 US-202?
  • Pittsburgh
  • Greensburg
  • Gettysburg
  • York
  • Lancaster
  • Philadelphia
  • Parallel with I-76 between Bedford and Everett, but it's difficult to enter and exit the I-76 for this duration.
  • Redundant by US-202/I-76 between Downingtown and Philadelphia
  • Redundant by I-76 for direct travel between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg or Philadelphia
US-40 I-79 I-68
  • Washington
Principle road running Southeast out of Washington.

Primary Roads

All US routes should be primary or higher.

All state routes that provide a direct connection between instances of place=town should be primary. All other state routes should be secondary.