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About me

My name is Daniel (obviously). I live in the southwest of Dortmund, Germany and work at the TU Dortmund. I use my GPS mainly for GPS-guided bicycle tours (road bike and trekking bike), but also for car navigation.


My main focus as of now is extending the map of the area where I live. As I don't have infinite time, I will not do dedicated "mapping tours" often, but rather fill some gaps along the way. Therefore, I will be active mostly in the eastern Ruhrgebiet, especially Dortmund and Hagen (my hometown).

Personal Mapping/Tagging Standards

As OSM should be a useful data basis for navigational software or offline routing planners, I emphasize the correct capture of the following features:

  • Restrictions: Access restrictions, weight limits, height limits etc.
  • Speed limits: Useful for routing, obviously. Only non-standard limits should be tagged.

My personal OSM bookmarks

For personal use and as a suggestion for others, a few more or less helpful links: