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A map of Wikidata items with a geolocation as per July 2017.
Damage caused by Hurricane Irma on the Virgin Islands. These images are hosted on Wikimedia Commons and used in various Wikipedia articles on the topic.
A contemporary painting of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake.
Regents canal dock in London in 1828. Extracted from an image collection donated by the British Library, which triggered an activation of the Wikimedia Commons community, including for tagging and geolocating maps contained in the corpus.


This page is auxiliary to a Birds of a feather session at the HOT Summit 2017 in Ottawa. It is taking place on September 14 at 16:00-17:00 EDT in the Boardroom (L203, upstairs from Foundry).


Integration with disaster response efforts by the Wikimedia community


The Wikimedia community responds to emergencies in multiple ways (overview). These ways are becoming more and more integrated across the different projects (Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata etc.) and languages within the Wikimedia community, and there is already some basic integration between Wikimedia platforms and OpenStreetMap in general, i.e. without a specific focus on humanitarian contexts.

The Wikimedia community has also developed long-standing relationships with external partners, particularly within the GLAM community (cultural institutions like Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) but again without a specific focus on humanitarian contexts.

In this session, we'd like to explore how the integration of Wikimedia projects with both OpenStreetMap and other actors engaged in disaster preparedness and response — both on the ground and online — can be improved and what would be good ways to pilot such deeper integration.


Let's take notes collaboratively here:

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