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Peter Brodersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

My OSM name QA test page for Denmark:

I can usually be found on the Danish IRC OSM channel under the nick pbro.

More info: User: Peter Brodersen (edits)

Data import for Denmark


I'm organizing the orthophotos from Fugro for Denmark for tracing (80 GB aerial imagery from 2005 for all of Denmark)


I'm involved in the import of KMS data for Danish addresses containing about two million addresses/nodes and is furthermore running some regular jobs for updating these addresses. A script does a regular and careful check for new addresses, as discussed and accepted on the Danish mailing list.

Municipality data

I'm involved in import of data from different Danish municipalities: Stevns, Kolding

This is basically data surveyed from employees of the municipalities, released under a free license (the Danish government's Open Data License, which by the account of the Danish government is compatible with CC and ODBl).

Private work

Operator of