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Mapathon in Bergen

A previous Mapathon in Portland
A previous Mapathon in Portland

How to come prepared

Bergen is decently mapped, but no category is 100% complete, and usage of the map is still quite low.

It would be nice to get some people together and make the map better and thats what this mapathon is about!

What to map

This is a suggestion for a prioritised list of things to map (see below for details).

The points are prioritised after "what can be most useful to have completely mapped"

  1. Streetview-pictures for Bergenhus (see 1.4.1)
  2. Mapping for cars
  3. Buildings
  4. Mapping for bicycles

Mapping for cars

This point doesn't require a huge effort to get 100%. Most roads are already in Bergen. Many restrictions and speed limits are in place.

Mapping buildings

  • Add all outline of buildings in Bergen

Ortophoto-offset, building data from kartverket-data.

  • Add building levels in for all buildings (~4200 buildings 2017 sept) Challenge link: [2]
  • 3D-tagging of iconic buildings like churches, Grieghallen, Bryggen, Bergenhus fortress, etc. See Simple_3D_buildings for tagging-examples. The goal is this: New York San Francisco
  • Add names to buildings that have names (Grieghallen), and remove name of those that dont (A building with only Narvesen in it is not name=Narvesen, but building without name and shop inside)

Mapping for bicycles

  • Locate and map all bicycle parkings in Bergen. Map if they are covered/roofed, if they are supervised and who can access/use them.
  • Map all bicycle lanes. Some new have popped up recently. Some other that are not mapped (The flat areas along Vestre Torggate, Olav Kyrres gate)
  • Map the surface of highways and bicycle lanes
  • Add mountain biking trails so can be used. See No:Mountain_biking

Mapping for public transport

  • ENTUR is using OpenStreetMap to route between public transport stops in their upcoming Nasjonal Ruteplanlegger. They don't use OpenStreetMap for the public transport routes or stops, but to get people to and between stops.
  • Add bus stops from ENTUR-data
  • Add bus-routes from ENTUR-data

Mapping for humanitarian efforts

Mapping points of interest / shops, restaurants etc

  • Map all shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc

If we have Mapillary we can look there, it not, out and walk around,

  • Many commercial centres around Bergen are in need of detailed mapping. One could add all shops, parking, footways.

For example Nesttun Senter, Laguneparken, Øyrane Torg, Åsane Senter, Sartor Senter, Osøyro, Oasen, Vestkanten

Map for the hiking map

  • Add missing hiking trails in the mountains in Bergen/Hordaland
  • Add details to already existing routes, see No:Map_Features#Turkart for examples of how to tag
  • Add mountain peaks, names for areas/farms, bays, streams.
  • Camping sites, fireplaces, bridges, kiosks and cafes that are hiking-friendly (hiking=yes)

Mapping for pedestrians

  • Map your local Public Garden / Park / Playground
  • Check that all roads have sidewalks
  • Most roads in Bergenhus have a sidewalk=* tag, but not many roads outside this part of the city.
    • Show sidewalks with JOSM map paint-style
    • Draw separate footway=sidewalk
  • Find roads that are missing sidewalks: (overpass query for roads without sidewalk=* or footway=sidewalk)

Development & other

Development task and other not directly mapping-related tasks

TODO on this page

  • find/create poster to hang up
  • have a userlist to invite and write the invitation
  • find written and video guides to get people started
  • invent hashtag to use on social medias
  • Maybe invite local government to talk about GIS data and tell them about OSM


Find a place to hold the mapathon.


  • Tables to put laptops
  • Power to charge laptops and phones
  • WIFI coverage to connect to the internet
  • Room for x people


Decide on a date

Invite people

  • BLUG
  • osm-no-mailing list
  • #osm-no
  • posters aroundd bergen, UiB, library, ???
  • users who have mapped in Bergen, whodidit
  • other: Meetup, eventbrite