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Hello fellow OSM mappers! As of July, 2008, I'm an active contributor working in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada area.

About me


My name is Jonathan Stewart, which often shows up on mailing lists. I live in Winnipeg, downtown on Carlton Street. I'm interested in all areas around where I live, and i grew up in Birtle. (how do i make OSM co-ordinate links, i wonder?)


BRAND NEW Garmin GPSMap 76Cx, with high-end RAM handlebar mount, which arrived July 14, 2008. Delivered from my friends (honestly) at Prairie Geomatics. ($8 next-day shipping to Manitoba). So far, so good. Can get a position fix indoors, from the top floor of my apartment building, where I live. I've used this baby for a week, and i'm impressed. It is larger than i expected.

What I'm doing

I have improved detail and map cohesion all over winnipeg. Added much data for Wolseley, Osborne Village, and downtown. I expect to continue, need to get the exchange, and forks to point douglas area, i think.

Friends and enemies

I am friends with User:Niten, with whom, as natives of Canada:Manitoba, want the Manitoba OSM to improve a lot. He's in Russell now, and has mapped it fairly exhaustively.

I don't have any enenmies on OSM that I'm aware of. ;)

Useful links

Steps to get GeoBase roads into OSM

the steps i followed, to be imported when proved to be correct
  1. Download canada.osm.bz2 from CloudeMate Canada page
  2. Download NRN data from Geobase:
    1. Go to the GeoBase website and sign up with the "Register Now!" link
    2. From the "Data" menu at the top, select "National Road Network"
    3. "Download"
    4. Get the "ESRI Shapefile, Geographic" for whichever Province you would like to work on.
    5. If prompted, enter your username and password.
  3. Install OpenJUMP and RoadMatcher
    1. Download the stable version from OpenJUMP homepage
    2. Download RoadMatcher from