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wiki: Quality assurance

Changeset analyzer

These tools offer "realtime" full diff to check every edit of a given area, or filtering based on some criteria.


Error detection

Data Analysis


Update / Survey

Wiki info pages



Data visualisation

API / query / geocode

Downloadable maps

Web services

Switch to OSM (from google, bing, whatever)

Create your own map / create layers on map

  • - the granddaddy of personal OSM maps
  • - for techies: draw your own geoJSON and manipulate it
  • inkata - similar service using a business-oriented environment (and a bit less user friendly gui)

Web libraries, JS

  • Leaflet JS - the library OSM main site uses now
  • GEO5 - a newborn HTML5 compatible library
  • OpenLayers - the original, general purpose mapping library

guides, docs (external)

slippy servers

vector rendering

vector tiles


indoor mapping

interesting usage


  • OpenSource Routing Machine - car fastest (chooses 1 min faster for +50km route; good travel time estimation)
  • OpenROuteService - car, walk,bike; can avoid areas; accessibility analysis (from Germany) (chooses 1 min faster for +50km route; bad travel time estimation)
  • YOURS - car, bike, hgv and all kinds, but routes bike on motorways etc... (travel time estimation is bogus)
  • BikeRouter project - bike of various kinds (safe, trekking, flat, ...)
  • MapQuest open does routing for car
  • OSMU routing (car, hgv, goods, motor, bike, pedestrian; optimal, shortest; waypoints)
  • GraphHopper - demo, java based fast and flexible routing engine
OSM based routing websites
Name URL car bike foot others optimal route alternative routes travel estimation other features
OpenSource Routing Machine fastest only no no no simple[1] alt + drag reroute good or very bad :-/ multiple rendering layers
MapQuest Open fastest, shortest,avoid features grade and paving pref yes transit yes (glitches) drag reroute medium POI search
OpenRouteService fastest, shortest shortest,mountain,racer,safe,preferred yes no simple[1] no good avoid area, tolls; accessibility analysis, route profile/gpx/xml download
OpenStreetMap Routing Service / YOURS car, HGV, goods, public service 2 alternatives yes moped, mofa yes no useless directions/info sometimes doesn't work
BikeRouter project no lots of options no no yes no no german, simple picker, altitude map, user defined profile, Android app
OSMU yes yes yes hgv, bus, moped, motorcycle, mofa possibly no no GPX, WPT
GraphHopper yes yes yes no yes no no Extremely fast
bike / hiking travel planner


  • OpenLayers JS lib for slippy map
  • see GraphHopper above


TMS / WMS resources

Android / mobile


  • mapfactor navigation
  • be-on-road

Map display

Local map display


  • maperitive - even rendering commandline, style sheets

printed maps

Elevation, topology, DEM, SRTM



Közadat térképek

turistautak, kirándulás

Csak adatokra, az nem védett szerzői joggal… Minden más igen.

Jogvédett térképek

Állami, bizonytalan jogi státusú adatok

external related projects

  • MapKnitter - Do-It-Yourself aerial imagery and map merger
  • MapIcons - free (CC-BY_SA), configurable, colorable icons in vast amounts
  • / - sample countrywide orthophoto licensed to be freely traced into OSM

non-OSM interesting


  1. 1.0 1.1 1 min faster +50km longer