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Florida Well Import is an import of an FDEP dataset which contains oil & gas wells in Florida. It contains ~1000 nodes, most of them being abandoned wells. The import is complete.

Import Data


Data source site:
Data license:
Type of license (if applicable): Public domain

Import Type

One-time upload initially, eventual updates

Data Preparation

Tagging Plans

Original Description OSM tag
current_st=prod Producing well. man_made=petroleum_well
current_st=dry_hole/p&a Plugged & abandoned. These are unsuccesful exploratory wells abandoned:man_made=petroleum_well
current_st=p&a Plugged & abandoned. These wells once produced, but were abandoned (plugged, above-ground equipment usually removed) abandoned:man_made=petroleum_well
completion Completion date of the well start_date=*
plug_date Date the well was plugged (finally ceased production) end_date=*
name Offical name of the well - every well has one. Looks somewhat cryptic, but it is signed at every well on the ground. name=*
company Operator of the well. Will be manually put into proper capitalisation. operator=*
og_numbers Reference code for the Department of Environmental Protection "oil & gas docs", contains links to thousands of documents. Example ref:US:FL:DEP:OG=*
documents Link to the Department of Environmental Protection "oil & gas docs" ,Example website=*
permitno Reference code for the Department of Environmental Protection oil & gas well permit ref:US:FL:DEP:OG:permit=*
api_no American Petroleum Institute well number, see Wikipedia ref:US:API=*
tvd vertical depth of the well, in feet depth=*
oil_field Name of the oil/gas field petroleum_well:field_name=*

Note that many unsucessful exploration drillings lead to start/end date being very close together or even the same day in some cases.

Data Transformation Results


Existing wells will be deleted & replaced.

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