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I'm John, a Linux-based programmer living near Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK.

See also my OSM profile.

I started surveying from places where I've lived, been on holiday, where relatives live, etc.

I lived near Limerick, Ireland, for seven years, at a place called Cnoc na Gortini, which means "Hill of the small arable fields", from which I've taken my user name.

I've done some surveying by car and on foot, using a N900, and I've had an initial burst of enthusiasm for armchair mapping from Bing, mostly while waiting for slow compiles of my work project.

I'm getting fascinated by spotting infrastructure such as power lines, and am easily distracted by spotting tennis courts --- not that I play tennis, nor do I follow it, it's just that they're a nice easy shape to spot.

Recently, I've mostly been mapping in Albania.