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While surveying surveillance around my local area, I've found the values for this tag could be improved. You can find below my assessment of the currently defined values, the values in use and my proposal for new values replacing the old values.

Existing values


This is just too vague. It doesn't define the zone of the surveillance, it defines the scope.

surveillance:zone=bank and surveillance:zone=shop

I'm not sure that there is a reason to make this distinction and these two values are perhaps too specific.

surveillance:zone=town, surveillance:zone=traffic and surveillance:zone=parking

These all seem good, although their usage guidelines could be clarified better.


This proposal redefines the surveillance:zone=* tag. If accepted, the wiki will be updated with the guidelines from this proposal and existing tagged items in the map data will be modified to conform to these guidelines where possible.

New Values

Two sets of values are defined: generic and specific values. Specific values should be used if they are a better fit than the generic values. There should be no case that is not covered by the generic values. These sets of values replace the old set of values used, although some of the existing values remain in these sets but with clarified usage guidelines.

Generic Values

Value Usage Guidelines
surveillance:zone=commercial For use with surveillance of shops and banks, office buildings, business parks and other commercial areas.
surveillance:zone=industrial For use with surveillance of industrial parks, factories and plants and other industrial areas.
surveillance:zone=leisure For use with surveillance of public leisure areas, for example parks and tennis courts. For areas such as leisure centers or gyms, surveillance:zone=commercial should be used instead.
surveillance:zone=residential For use with surveillance of residential areas.
surveillance:zone=remote For use with surveillance of remote areas.
surveillance:zone=traffic For use with surveillance of road traffic. This tag should only be used for cameras that are for the purpose of monitoring road traffic. Speed cameras should use highway=speed_camera instead.
surveillance:zone=town For use with surveillance of town centers and city centers.

Specific Values

Value Usage Guidelines
surveillance:zone=education For use with surveillance of school, colleges, universities or any other educational institution.
surveillance:zone=medical For use with surveillance of hospitals, medical practices, dentists or any other medical institution.
surveillance:zone=military For use with surveillance of military installations.
surveillance:zone=parking For use with surveillance of a car park, lorry park, or other parking area.
surveillance:zone=police For use with surveillance of a police station or other police property.
surveillance:zone=transport For use with surveillance of bus stations, train stations, harbors, airports or any other transport station or depot. For road traffic cameras, surveillance:zone=traffic or highway=speed_camera should be used instead.

Automatically Fixing Old Values

The only values that can be automatically fixed would be to change surveillance:zone=bank and surveillance:zone=shop to surveillance:zone=commerical. There are also 77 misspellings of "traffic" (spelt as "trafic") in the current map data that can be fixed.

Wiki Pages to Update

The following wiki pages need to be updated if this is accepted as a change:

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