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Hot logo.svg Jonwit volunteers at Humanitarian OSM Team.
Twitter user Jonwit tweets as @mappingthings
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Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg Jonwit has mapped in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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Jonathan Witcoski

About Me:

Currently working as a Geographer at the U.S. Census

"The postings are my own and do not necessarily represent U.S. Government positions, strategies or opinions."

GIS Developer / System Admin / Cartographer

Personal Wordpress Website:[[1]]

Personal Github Website:[[2]]

Twitter Account:[[3]]

OSM Account:[[4]]

Linkedin Account[[5]]

How did you contribute?

my OSM 'user diary'

Currently (Armchair) Mapping

Sugarloaf Valley

  • [6] - Sketching from imagery the Sugarloaf Valley in United States

Vrbas River Valley

  • [7] - Sketching from imagery the Vrbas River Valley in Bosnia

Other involvement

  • Humanitarian mapping [8]
  • Presented a Proposed Project to Map the missing hazardous areas of the world at HOT Summit 2015:[[9]]