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關於本人 About Me

主要做的 What I Map




我會使用Overpass API結合編程來做一些自動化編輯,所以在大規模修改中可能會出現一些離譜的東西,如果你發現了請告訴我。

Mainly map roads, buildings, and more in Mainland China.

I'm a railway fan, maintain China's railways, and follow up on the status of newly built railways. I have spent more than half a year supplementing and improving East Asian railway data (mainly in Mainland China, modified most of the China Railway's railways to improve the rendering of OpenRailwayMap in mainland China; supplemented the electrification data of all main railways of Taiwan Railways Administration; corrected incorrect electrification data all over Japan; supplemented data of all main railways of North Korea).

I can do some simple 3D buildings mapping and simple indoor mapping.

I will use Overpass API combined with programming to do some automated editing, so there may be some unreasonable things in large-scale modification, if you find it, please let me know.

屑作 Something I Mapped

三維建築 3D Building Mapping

室內地圖 Indoor Mapping

關於語言 About Language

我就是要用繁體中文 About Traditional Chinese


I am a resident of Mainland China, so you can communicate with me in Simplified Chinese. Of course, you are also welcome to use Traditional Chinese. I am not used to Taiwan-style or Hong Kong-style vocabulary, but it does not matter that I understand them.

我說粵語 About Cantonese


I am a native Cantonese speaker, and I often tag the Cantonese pronunciation (`name:yue-Latn`) in the Cantonese area. But I don't support tagging traditional Chinese in `name:yue` tag in Mainland China, because Cantonese is not exclusive to Hong Kong. I think `name:yue` should be tagged according to local customs which is similar to the tagging scheme of `name:zh`, that is, tag Simplified Chinese Mainland China.

關於外語 About Foreign Languages


I can speak English, but my English level is not high. If you can communicate with me in Chinese, it is better to do so. If you really can't, you can use English.



I can speak a little bit of Japanese, only a little bit, so try not to communicate with me in Japanese, English is better.


I don't understand Korean written in Hangul at all, I can only read it by Google Translate and Wikipedia.