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fa زبان مادری این کاربر فارسی است.
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About me

Although I have been created an OpenStreetMap account from September 2007, I wasn't active until February 2010 When I made some edits on Mashhad region and then became familiar with Claudius, who helped me to understand more about OpenStreetMap and corrected my mistakes. Thanks to him, Now I can claim that I'm a near professional mapper.


My main concentration is developing Iran map specially great Khorasan province and more specially Mashhad - my beloved city and hometown. After that JOSM uses Bing satellite imagery (earlier Yahoo imagery was used in OSM) which has more accurate and newer and more coverage all over Iran, my edits accelerated more and more.

One of my greatest wishes is that all Iranian mappers come together and have a meeting a day..., Iranian mappers community...

Fortunately, nowadays and after Social networks age, Iranian mappers have a channel in Telegram app called "OSM Guys" or " OSM بجه‌های" in Persian. Recently its name is converted to a more official name, OSM Iran group.

Main works

Some of my works are:

  • Entering data for main streets of Torbat-Heydarieh totally based on my GPS device. Neither Yahoo nor Bing had satellite coverage for this city at 2010.
  • Completing western parts of Mashhad map after merging Bing imagery into JOSM.
  • Tracing some parts of roads 95, 22, 44 and 97 based on my mobile GPS.
  • Contributing developing map of Yazd, Gorgan, Tehran, Birjand ,... and many roads all over Iran.
  • I have some minor edits on holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia, too.
  • In August 2011, I mapped almost entire Zahedan intercity streets after a week of work on it, but again without naming.
  • I translate "Image of the week" of OSM wiki to Persian frequently.