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This is a list of implementations of the opening hours syntax.



YoHours main page, showing some opening_hours value

A website to generate an opening_hours=* value by dragging time intervals on a calendar. It supports opening hours depending of days, weeks, months or holidays. Also, it can directly parse an user-defined value.


Openingh main page

JavaScript evaluation tool by User:Ypid

  • Statistics: visualization of the data quality and growth over time

  • Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg Python script to search with regex and to load values which could not be evaluated in JOSM (documentation in Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg README)

Follows the formal specification originally created by Netzwolf. Based on initial coding and design done by AMDmi3.

OpeningHoursEditor (JOSM)

OpeningHoursEditor in JOSM

OpeningHoursEditor is a plugin for JOSM. It provides a graphical editor for editing opening_hours. It can also be used to edit other time related tags like collection_times for postboxes or lit for highways.



OsmAnd 2.0 showing whether the POI is known to be open or closed based on tagging of opening_hours. For example, the Re-CYCLE Bike Shop was closed when the screenshot was taken; however, the various bicycle rental facilities were open.

OsmAnd uses this tag in the POI search screen. The implementation is only partial, currently no dates, weeknumbers or holidays are supported, but most values should get parsed.


iOS app.

My Opening Hours

Android app.

Online maps



OpenLinkMap creates a clickable POI overlay over an OSM based slippy map. Clicking on a POI opens a pop-up showing information about it, including its opening hours and whether it's open at the moment.

Opening hours for Ulm, Neu-Ulm & surroundings

Ulm, Neu-Ulm and surrounding areas.

Opening hours for the local area are visualized on a map.

You can select different POI categories. They get a different colour on the map if they're open, closing in less than an hours, closed, or have no opening_hours tag.