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My name is Mario Ferraro and I've begun my contributions to OpenStreetMap thanks to GSoC 2008


I suggest you to visit my Wordpress blog, in which you can find all infos about my OSM activity and OSM software developing.

Software Projects

Osmarender Frontend

All info about Osmarender Frontend, my GSoC 2008 project that I'm continuing to develop and mantain can be found in Osmarender Frontend's wiki page


All info about MyTaH, a Firefox add-on extension to monitor your own Tiles@home ranking can be found in MyTaH's wiki page


SOTM 2008

About Osmarender Frontend project

Linux Day Rome 2008

Linux Day Rome 2008 about OpenStreetMap

Mapping activity

I'm not so active in mapping, but I've mapped something in Rome and in Sardinia... and planning to map more in the future everywhere I can :)

Mapping parties