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Medion PNA 470 T

I started OSMing with a Carnavigation-System from my girlfriend bought at a supermarket / discounter "Aldi", because it was ready to hand and didn't needed any investment.

  • Brand = Medion
  • Modell = PNA470T (PersonalNavigationAssistent 470 with Tmc)
  • Operatingsystem = Windows CE Core 5.0

Starting without Booting the "brought with" software

  1. Switch Navi on
  2. Hold power botton until the blue light flashes (about 5 seconds)
  3. Hold power botton until the white chars are displayed
  4. Release the power botton
  5. Hold the botton beneath the power botton until there is a grew line in the lower area of the display


The medion navigation software does record your track, with only little effort. Afterwards you can transfer the data to a windows pc using the connection software "activesync". The data is safed as *.trk file. To preprocess the data for usage with josm, the trk-file can be converted with gpsbabel or with GOPALtoGPX. I tried only GOPALtoGPX, which didnt work on my first try and which I didnt tried further. At that point I didn't tried GPSBabel once.

Software for Windows CE Core 5.0 which logs tracks


Looking for other software for track logging and waypointing, I concentrated on OSMtracker for WinPDA first. Unfortunately the desired ".NET CF 2.0" from Microsoft can't be installed on Windows CE Core 5.0 without special tricks (which I don't know).

Other Opensource / GPL

I didnt find any other opensource / gpl software for win ce core (which runs without .Net CF)

Any Working Software for CE Core -> OziExplorerCE

The only track logging software, which runs on win ce core is the OziExplorerCE Core-Version (doesn't need .Net CF 2.0)

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