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Next meeting

This group is currently dormant.
Do you prefer a different time? Please state your preferred slot here.


  • 20 Mar 2013: We have an 'organization' on GitHub to help organize our work. See below for link.
  • 7 Feb 2013: We're hoping to settle on a weekly meeting schedule, Thursdays 1500Z on #osm-strategic.
  • 1 Feb 2013: After a small hiatus we meet again on Feb 7
  • 9 Jan 2013: We have a mailing list: [1]
  • 20 Dec 2012: Martijn van Exel has been working to get a mailing list set up for the group. This will be taken care of shortly. In the mean time, we can discuss on the newbies list.

I want to join!

Great! We're not a fully functional Working Group just yet, but put your name here if you're interested in participating and intent on joining our regular meetings. Don't forget to also subscribe to the mailing list!

We also have an Organization on GitHub where we will manage tasks, projects and perhaps code.

Please also take a minute to add your preferred time slot for a Thursday meeting here.


Richard Weait floated the idea of a Welcome Working Group in October 2012. Here is his email to talk@ and here is the page where he got things started.

The initiative fell dormant and Martijn van Exel decided to reboot it in December 2012.


(Preliminary) To retain more mappers after they sign up


Lots of mappers sign up and never edit, edit once or a few times. Then we never hear from them again. We don't exactly know why and we want to find out. One thing we do know is that newcomers are often overwhelmed by the information available. There are many sources and channels and it is hard to figure out where to go first. The wiki seems to be the place to start (it is the 'Documentation' link on the main web site) but can be really confusing, even if there are great resources hidden in it. would be a great start for most new mappers but requires work to make it more generally useful and it isn't linked to on the main web site. We want to figure out how we can improve that situation.


This is currently an informal working group, but if we keep up the momentum we will seek official OpenStreetMap Working Group status.


We will meet weekly on the #osm-strategic IRC channel, on Thursdays at 1900Z. See the IRC page for more info on connecting to an IRC channel.

Past meetings

Before the reboot

After the reboot

The notes contain links to the full meeting IRC logs

Relevant links

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