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This page is the documentation of a mechanical edit on operator=* of railway infrastructure in Berlin and State of Brandenburg. For the German documentation and discussion see its thread at Berlin mailing list.

Less than 1500 objects will be edited.

Why is this edit necessary?

The infrastructure of S-Bahn Berlin GmbH (operator of Berlin S-Bahn) has moved its infrastructure (railway tracks, platforms, stations, electric cables (?), signal boxes, switches, signals etc.) to various other parts of Deutsche Bahn, e.e. DB Netz AG and DB Station & Service AG. This edit will update operator=*.


Following Overpass query will be used for rough selection:

  // query part for: “operator="S-Bahn"”
  node[railway]["operator"~"^S(-| )Bahn"]({{bbox}});
  way[railway]["operator"~"^S(-| )Bahn"]({{bbox}});
  node["public_transport"]["operator"~"^S(-| )Bahn"]({{bbox}});
  way["public_transport"]["operator"~"^S(-| )Bahn"]({{bbox}});
  node[amenity!~"vending_machine"]["operator"~"^S(-| )Bahn"]({{bbox}});
  way[amenity!~"vending_machine"]["operator"~"^S(-| )Bahn"]({{bbox}});
out meta;
out meta qt;

The result will be loaded and edited using JOSM. All modified objects will be reviewed regarding tagging mistakes by other users.

Planned Modifications

Vending machines will not be modified. They remain part of S-Bahn Berlin GmbH.