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Navid, from Karaj, Iran.

I have bought my Garmin, eTrex Vista HCx about two weeks ago, and start to contribute here.

I have just started Karaj mapping.


  1. Correcting Chalus road (Completed)
  2. Adding Speed Cameras into Tehran-Karaj
  3. Adding Kenareh Road (Nowshahr-Nur) (Completed)
  4. Adding Kamarbandi Nowshahr (Completed)
  5. Completeing Karaj Map
    1. Baghestan (Completed)
    2. Baghestan Gharbi
    3. Baharestan
    4. ShahinVila
    5. Bonyad
    6. Gohardasht
    7. Main Karaj
    8. Hesarak
    9. 45 Metri Golshahr
    10. Mehrshahr
    11. 4th Faze of Mehrshahr