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I'm Nuno, from Madeira Island, Portugal (that's Cristiano Ronaldo homeland if you are into footbal), 35 year old geographer that works at a local government at the Civil Protection department. I'm also a photographer/videographer.

I starting adding stuff to OSM in 2011 on an account that died when OSM switched from CC to OBDL. Since 2012 I been adding a lot of stuff on my homeland of Madeira among other places during HOTOSM tasks. In 2015 I co-organized the III OpenStreetMap Party of Madeira, in the municipality of Calheta. Since 2016 I'm an ambassador of Mapillary and avid contributor with over 700.000 photos and try to help others doing tutorials and such.

I translate apps and OpenStreetMap related websites such as Vespucci, StreetComplete, Pic4review, among others (my username in transifex is NunoCaldeira). Since November 2018 i'm a LWG frequent attender when i joined OSMF.

I try to promote better OSM data in Portugal, by frequently helping and sharing workflows with the portuguese OSM community at Telegram. Through this we managed to improve the community, create tasks, improve translations and wiki, debate patterns that should be adjusted to Portugal and get to know great contributors spread around the country with different thematic interests of mapping in OSM.

To sum it up I try to promote Opendata, OSM and contribute at the same time with focus on tools that can improve and add more data to OSM.

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