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in no particular order...

Mobile maps - needs api not app, so it can be used by lots of specific apps


  • location-based games
  • alerts (e.g. traditional advertising concepts)
  • articles
  • guided tours
  • art

maemo - sketch, scan, then your sketches are visible in potlatch

PDF book printing services

openstreetphoto. tagging image areas

wikipedia: military history icons, arrows, icon rotation. working on their own static map creation GUI maybe dupe of mine

talk-accessibility dynamic maps using CSS. Serve JSON map data tiles :)

cycle map - simplify nodes within an are to precalculate best routes between each pair of nodes at the edge of the area

OSM limits available on available for testing things without using the main database


it was japan which had the roller-coaster mapping

potlatch can save your presets - use ctrl-shift-numeric_key

potlatch "P" gives parallel ways

potlatch "-" removes a node from just one way (useful for TIGER)

potlatch "T" for tidy, makes a straight line or a circle

can add custom tileservers to be seen behind potlatch

halcyon = a rendering engine. see

someone is adding flickr tags of "osm:way=(wayID)"

xsltproc can accept stringparam= input

NYPlibrary (rectifiers etc) will be available late august