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In Girona. Previous: Amsterdam. Next: Vienna

for a better review of sotm, read mishkovskyi

top tech as voted by use by conference visitors: android, twitter, asus eee.

logiball will publish comparison maps

matching nodes with a replcement building where node used as id - 1x1 downloads, rendering on S3 parallel. using osmosis to split planet into tiles. - inc custom monitoring

spring remoting


feedback for bad routing (blocked roads etc) - need to see the planned route and actual route taken for easy corrections has some bus history data. Wiki:Kalmann filter to merge current position with history to make predictions - look on GISR UK proceedings (academic journal)

virtual games (nothing nice this year but possibilities). also how about using the game itself (virtual walls) to keep gamers away from busy roads automatically?. need good phone with camera and gyros and compass and cpu and opengl

people analysing osm contributions. local mappers = better is big theme of conference. how to know why people stopped editing. how to give info/feedback from occasional users to regular mappers

possibiity of lots (x10s millions) of people viewing osm tiles soon

someone talked to me about a very nice rendering library. uses binary format, sample implementation on android. free software and efficient. i think the name is mapforge but anyone know link?

mapnik can read osm xml files directly without postgres?