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I've recently (2011-02-06) started hacking on JOSM.

I will use this page as sort of a develop blog, mostly for my own benefit as a place to organize my thoughts. JOSM is a great editor, but IMO also has a lot of unleashed potential.

My JOSM fork on github

My trac tickets

Active projects


Load/deload/reload plugins at runtime

When I started developing the parallel way plugin, I became very annoyed by the need to restart josm every time I wanted to test something. So I started investigating how to reload plugins at runtime.

Evidently, eclipse's "hot swap"/"live code editing" feature works for the plugins/jar files loaded at runtime too, so my motivation for working on this has decreased a bit :) I will try to at least make it possible to enable a plugin without restart reliable though.

Status: Experimental patch. Works, but has quirks. Branch at github (suspended indefinitely)


Areas of interest

Ticket list