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About me

I've discovered OSM a few months ago but had no GPS unit so I forgot about it.

When I recently bought my Garmin Forerunner 305 for my training, I got back to OSM, and now I train and map at the same time .... So OSM is good for your health :)

Currently mapping

I live in Lessines but work in Brussels where I was born.

I'm busy mapping my home town, surroundings and the ways to get there ....

I also map parts of Brussels (and suburbs) I know using a mix of Potlach/JOSM/Yahoo imagery (with an eye on Google Maps (Sattelite View) to check for newer things).

  • The center of Brussels
  • The 'Bois de la Cambre/Ter Kamerenbos'
  • Anderlecht
  • Parks here and there...
  • ...

Gone skiing for a week in Vars (French Southern Alps), pistes and lifts have been partly GPS'd, lifts are tagged !!

On summer 08, I headed for Reykjavík, Iceland to run the marathon and discover an amazing country, I tracked a lot of my journey there, and afterwards mapped what was not already there(not a lot)

Current gear

  • A pair of running shoes, and a Garmin Forerunner 305
  • A I-Blue 747 GPS logger replaces the Garmin when I'm not running